Thursday, 29 August 2013


The naked honesty of,
Ambiguous glances,
There's that dishonour pertaining, of course,
But to what, just?
The greed of craving the warmth,
Of another soul?
Wise man, if he must,
Fall prey to oblivion,
For the people might be abhorrent,
To the meticulous play of two souls,
But hear, he said,
"Come close, my love",
One heartbeat at a time,
Thumping the doors for its release,
"It's just me", he insisted,
But how could she fight,
Her own soul's ignominy,
"Look me in the eyes",
His voice floating in her head,
Like soft velvet, in the hands of a slimy lady,
And he smiled, for he knew,
There's no shame, in wanting another person.

In fragmented love,

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