Sunday, 24 November 2013

Let's Everything.

And then from top of the Eiffel Tower,
The Moon kept screaming,
To never again, see the face of the day,
To never share that nanosecond with the Sun,
Where they could be one,
Where they could see each other, eye to eye,
Kept screeching,
To never be selfless enough again,
And hide in the stark clarity of the Sun,
And the Moon called out to the sky,
And said,
Let's walk, let's hide, let's weep, let's sulk, let's everything.

And then seldom were the moments, when,
The Sun missed those moments,
Redundant, superfluous, 
For the Moon, the Sun thought,
For there wasn't a set of eyes now,
Which transfixed on her, as she danced out of bed,
Never bothering of the pin-pricking brightness,
And She wept, and swore,
Never to shine again, and never to bring light again,
And She ran and hid behind the clouds,
Destructing everything in water,
And said,
Let's walk, let's hide, let's weep, let's sulk, let's everything.

This space does end up taking a lot from me. 

As always,

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Stale beers, never old,
The brazen bitterness, never enough,
The warmth of two sets of pearls against freezing cheeks,
The slight torture in stepping down a large flight,
The dusty sunlight, and the smell of cinnamon tea,
The torn spine of that bulk of a book,
The crossing of same face every morning,
The time,
Of lonesomeness, and then again,
Warming up to a soul,
The tinted nature against the dry coolness,
And all you see is,
The brightening and paling of patinas,
When is it, will you understand,
How colourful a death can seem?

Until next time.