Monday, 30 December 2013

Allegory of Defeat

"But they never warned me",
You retaliated,
Your voices screeched, your heart breached,
You wriggle and slither,
Skulk and scuttle, 
You prostrate yourself, just to hold on to it,
Like a man edging on the valley, 
Rasping, and scraping to live,
With each hope fracturing,
Every dream fragmented,
You still endure to tussle and brawl,
"Help me", you plead,
"Save me", you weep,
And she simply laughed, "Why, but?"
Lightly seizing the end of her robe,
From your those once strong hands,
Now frantic, deplorable, wretched,
You mislay her,
And there he was, 
Hiding under the heavy embroidery of the drapes,
Smiling, laughing, reminiscing,
Think of it, of the alerts,
He did warn you,
"I'm Greed, I'll take what I give."
And he stood behind the curtain, still,
Belting yet another name off the list.

I just breathed.

So long, 

Monday, 23 December 2013

'Cause L Can Mean Anything

I was standing in this book shop, peacefully trying to find something interesting to read, as everyone does. I mean what else do you go to a book shop for? And there he was, this annoying, bloody superlatively annoying kid, disrupting the silence and shouting! It made me want to hit him so hard! Two kid-oriented annoyances in a day. Oh, the first one? It was at IHC where while interviewing the band L For Vendetta, we had kids around pricking balloons just for the sheer exasperating sound of that shit bursting, by what grace of God is enjoyable, only they know. Everyone had hilarious, different reactions to it [Read: Abhilasha]. And amidst the bothersome children going gaga (And LFV hates Lady Gaga, just by the way) over balloons, all I could see was how different and enticing each person in the band is.

Y'all have known by now how unsociable I am at times, especially with strangers. And trust me, interviewing them for almost 4-5 hours was one of the best experiences I've ever had. They are all so so distinct, it ain't even funny. [I'm just saving the better things in my mind for the magazine.]

Abhilasha - One of the most hilarious. Comes across as very opinionated, determined, knows where to draw the line and utterly entertaining. 

Moses - One of the men behind LFV's birth, he's the man behind the band's words. Ultimate, truly. 

Gavin - Another character. Equally fun to be with, he's extremely witty.

Param - Okay, firstly, he's very sensitive. And he's way too sweet to not mind the band, or you taking his case. He's just sensitive. Okay, I'm not going to be anymore mean, he's I think is what the sweet element is to every group.

Reuben - You're funny. And I don't say that to a lot of people. And LFV is surely lucky you're not tone-deaf.

And as amazing these people are, so this their music. Check it out. 
Would put up some posts soon
And watch out for them, and us (Modules Magazine), to be out soon.

Till then,

Bridges Set To FIre 
My favourite.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Trying to make sense of it all,
How really were eternities in a moment,
Walking down the freezing night,
Smelling December in the wind, 
The fallen leaves ask,
The dimming moon doubts,
With everything around questionable,
Yet unanswered,
Fighting the cold, 
Stuffing your hands in the years old jacket,
Lathered in dust, 
And that's how you've liked it, just because,
You feel a crunch,
You hold on tight to it,
And tighter to your heart,
Maybe, just maybe, you know what it is,
You hope for it,
You've been looking for it ever since, again just because,
You take it out, glare at it, turn it around,
And feel the familiarity of the words warming through you,
And you crunch it along the same folds,
And put it back,
You know now, where your survival trick lies,
You know now, felt it again,
Eternities in a moment.

By Tom French