Sunday, 24 February 2013


Things have got way too crazy, and way out of control to be put together as one. I keep running only to reach back to square one. Running after the same thing in circles, I predicate. Old liaisons hurting, new bonds too brittle to make a mark. Everything fades into darkness. Everyone is as mean as it gets, as cunning as it gets, as selfish as it gets, and as two-faced as it gets. I want to lock myself up in a room, and never come out. I want to screech and hit at people who annoy the shit out of me. I want to kill people taking me for granted, and expecting me to be there only for their countable selfish motives. And I most surely want to beat the shit out of people who think they're too smart, too popular, too witty and too nice to be friends with, and carry the stench of dirty water all the while. Realisations and momentary happiness are no more of a sweet fruit. Bite me. And at times it feels that people close to you themselves try to push you into a cauldron full of bitterness. I want to throw things, shout at people, weep my heart out, eat loads of ice-cream, grow fat so that people stop noticing me and hurting me.   

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Trippy Trippy Trap.

Okay! I is back. And the trip be awesome! 
It was crazy, and random, and nice. Yeah, these are our signatures now. Lots of work, pretty random shit, serious shit, cute shit, Akanksha-has-turned-into-a-girl shit, and etceteras shit. AND loads of FOOD. Good Gujarati food. Loads to update, loads to share. And yessss! I'll be back with the Confessions routine in a few days.  Things are shitty. I have a half fractured leg almost healed, a wounded right hand, and loads of work till the end of the next month. Too much happiness, eh? Doesn't matter. The trip gave me s much singular happiness that it'll run for life. Well until the next year's trip. It's normal to feel out of place once your shell breaks. Of course, you wouldn't expect a butterfly to befriend a bee. But then they both wander over flowers. You can always adjust. You should be enough for yourself. Stick to what you've chosen. Stick to your decision. Stick to yourself. Don't listen if you think it's shit. Head on. Do the do.

Some pictures from the trip. Others will be up soon too.
See you around, companèros.

Lazy, and hurting, and craving for red velvet cake,

Friday, 1 February 2013

Fantabulous February Day 1 - Just Let Me Be

Okay. Sorry for not being able to update the Confessions routine, courtesy my college trip, and limitless measuring of mosque, and limitless tiredness. 

And today's inspiration is...

Wait. See. Look at me. Try to envisage. I'm the most ecstatic thing ever gifted to you. I've given you reminiscence, ideas, the ability to see, to talk, to even love. I've given you the chance to know the universe like the back of your hand. Look at me again, I'm pretty, pink - even your girls like the tint. Don't misuse me. It hurts. Don't take me for granted. I have the power to make you see things non-existent, turn you non-existent for the world. The world will talk of my importance, but they will chick me out of their might too. Listen. Think. Yes, you need my help to think. But, think. Don't waste me. I'm valuable. You'll realise my essentiality some day. But I'm always around. I'll see you till your hallucinations end. Till you see some light and heat.

Sleepless, and tossed out,