Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just Let Yourself Float....

Hola compañeros!

With the English board on my head tomorrow, what more sufficient than practicing writing skills and writing articles.(=P)
And so this is the last and very last part of Kanika's Fantabulous February.(it's my first Fantabulous February, and last of course, post though)
I only happened to realize the kind of dancer Ruhani is, for I saw her dance video just a few days back. This is for you babe. I know how you feel about your dancing, for I feel the same for my guitar! :*

The lights, the cheers, the shouts, the laughs, the tears, the applause, the stage, the music, the costumes, the choreography, the jumps, the leaps, the final showdown. 
Everything a dancer could have wanted. It was the night when the time for me to bask in the success of being an exquisite danseuse. The echo of the applause still lingers around my auricles, sometimes dropping by the touch of exhilaration and contentment on my fortitude that, yes, yes there was a period when I would just sway and that, just that would pirouette away my fears, my apprehensions. But such did wheels of fate turned and isolated me with nonentity. The only wheels I hold in my hand now, are the ones which batter every truth mercilessly that I could once dance; the same wheels which now sway me around, but not in the fashion which I once did.

And she held my hand. She took my legs and moved me around, like my mother did; yes, exactly like my mother did. "Don't fret", she had said, trying to bring my feeble attempts of being on my toes once again to life. She showed me the sun, "It's indeed an inspiring star", she continued, "Just like you were." I couldn't congregate my valor. Each time that I'd retreat into my shell, she would yank me with all her might. "I'm here, and I'm not leaving", she encouraged. She always made sure of giving me the juice of potency and might every day. "It would make you strong", she explained. Step by step, trail by trail. She stood like my calipers of stalwart. "Reach it.", she would demand, steering my eyes towards the sun. And alas! Only if it wasn't her credence, her conviction, I wouldn't be on my toes again. "Leap", she had said, "Leap like you did on the stage that night." 

And here, I stand again, ready to engulf the world once again in my leap, to pirouette away my fears again. I've everything now, everything I would have had that very night only if I wasn't too bothered to escape the hug of fame and get some air only for being thrashed to the ground by the wagon. I've everything, but her. She wanted to see me leap, she wanted to see me fly again, she wanted to see me articulately whip the atmosphere around with my toes again. I looked at this picture for long. How she'd come like a breeze, meandering me around and gave me my sun. 
"You deserve to have it, and are gifted to make it yours."
Only if I realized that these would have been the last of her ingredients into my juice of potency. Only if I could see that she wanted to live her dream through me. Only if I could foresee her absence on my D-DAY, for in the hospital that day she was transacting her soul with the devil to give me the chance to walk again, to fly, to float and to leap again.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

And Now There's No Looking Back!

Hola compañeros!

Okay, so since this past week was my last day in school, I’ve so have been pretty nostalgic about it. Never did I realise how fast exactly did my senior year went by and all that it left me was laughter, some more laughter, bunking memories, the ache for canteen food, tears, fights, more fights, some more tears, happy re-unions and of course some friends I’m sure I’ll be holding onto for the rest of my life. These are some pictures I realised I happen to have after I dug my drive memories hard. 

Sigh! And I thought it was good growing up!
I still remember the warm hugs on the last day, promises of partying and drinking every third day of the week together. Blah! Who are we kidding?! It's just the hormones speaking. No one's even going to remember the biggest of jokes you shared, or the amount of fights you had. And as I terraced my foot out of the school, I left a piece of me in there which I'm never getting back. There's this one poem I've which sits upon perfectly.

 As I walk across this empty hall
I look back, count my last steps in this school, my sanctuary.
I’ve walked this path many times, but it’s different now.
With each step, each echo…
I leave here a memory, a laugh, a cry, a part of myself.
I feel empty, as I pour out my feelings.
A last reminisce, a last cry, and finally,
A smile.
As I open the door, I pause for one more moment.
And I think to myself…
I’m going to start anew, fresh, another beginning.
I’m going to right my wrongs,
And become a better person.
As this chapter of my life comes to an end,
As this last teardrop falls,
As this last step is taken,
As this smile fades away,
I promise myself this:
I always and forever will be a Georgean.

I don't wish to break down in the wake of my school memories again. I already shed a lot of them this past week. All I've to live by now are the reminiscences and sounds of our by-gone laughter. :')

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado. :*

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Things No One Can Ever Make Out About Me...!!!!

Hola compañeros!
Okay, so I'm INSANELY SICK of physics now. What else more refreshing than my dear blog. And what more random and insane for someone who's already going insane due to the insanity of the physics' insane chapters.

1. I'm a calm control freak. Yes, I know it sounds pretty contradictory.
2. I'm a very patient person. I'm easily irritable, but anger and impatience are something that come to me with much procrastination.
3. I eat like a lion. I need a meal every two hours. I simply live to eat. <3
4. I'm not really bothered about haters. I've ample people who know me well enough to stick by my side at all times whenever the hater tried imposing a vamp-like plan to destruct me.
5. I'm a huge movie buff. I HAVE to go to a theater at least once a week.
6. I'm not a non-vegetarian. I'm a CARNIVORE. I can literally tear and eat anything up in a jiffy.
7. I read. Like a lot. I'm a voracious reader. I once finished an entire 270-pages novel in a single night.
8. I used to be an amiable guitarist. I left it for reasons which make my entire lifetime seem short to repent over. Playing it again would mean learning it all over again.
9. I don't really know how to hate.
10. I always, always have a back-up plan. I never make a move,either my studies or an outing,without having second options ready.
11. I've learned basic Bharatnatyam. I was really small back then. I then shifted my place and left it. I predominantly was learning it because my parents wanted me to. They loves dance. I'm more into freestyle.
12. I'm not AS a good dancer as people presume me to be. It's just that I can shake it like no one else can.
13. I sketch, and paint. I've decided to write about it too. I'd like to post some of my sketches too. =)
14. I'm not someone who'd hold grudges. I can slaughter someone I'm frustrated upon, but I'll be fine with everything after a day or two. 
15. Contrary to what people think after watching me with my friends joking and laughing, I'm a very quiet person. I hardly talk. Ring me up, and you'll be the one doing all the talking.
16. I literally have NO ONE to talk to presently. There's this one best friend of mine, Ruchir whom I talk to each night. That's all. No one really texts or calls me. That just gives a consequence for the last point.
17. I'm a very confused personality whose very clear about her ideas. It's true. Try making sense out of it yourself.
18. I've painted a canvas only once. What a shame! :-/
19. I eat a lot of fruits. This contradicts point6 and proves point 17.
20. I'm religious. 
21. I hate pink, but not enough for me to throw anything pink out of my wardrobe.
22. I can't tolerate hypocrites.
23. I think Vijay Mallya's a stupid ass. His son was smarter to have dated Deepika Padukone.
24. I find George Clooney really SEXY. He's the man! (Y)
25. I've a lot of best friends. =D
26. I believe that the entire discussion about love is over-hyped.
27. I haven't painted and sketched since July and I'm dying for my Boards to get over for me to start it again.
28. I'm a nerd! There I said it!
29. I'm a really lovable child. All my teachers love me.
30. I love stationary. 
31. I've seen the James Bond series at least twenty times.
32. I'm a music lover. I love Loreena Mckennitt, Axl Rose, Diana Krall, Shania Twain, Children of Bodom, and so on and forth.
33. I can't eat butter. I puke even at the slightest catch of its smell. I eat cheese.
34. I can't decide which is better- red or black.
35. I'm a good swimmer.
36. I want to go deep sea diving, desperately! 
37. Unlike my contemporaries, I hardly use kohl for my eyes.
38. My eyes are really small. They get squeezed to a line whenever I laugh and my friends most of the time end up laughing on the fact how Chinese I look while laughing.
39. I used to top in physics till tenth grade and was average in chemistry. Now I flunk in physics and am great in chemistry.
40. Math comes very easily to me.
41. Now I'm bored of typing so much.
42. I sometimes sleep with my socks on.
43. I'm a pathetic singer for some songs and a good singer for some. Moronic? I know!
44. I want to go mountain biking.
45. I easily get bored of shopping.
46. I go on a lot of vacations. I love them.
47. Contrary to what people think because of my stern outer covering, I can be easily flattered.
48. I'm more funny and hilarious when I'm irritated or angry. My one-liners at that moment are to die for.
49. I'm someone who stays very aloof at times.
50. Phew! Finally 50.
51. I'm an absolute maniac. People think I'm pretty dangerous-action-louder-than-word-kind of a person. I'm not. I can't retreat myself once I start laughing.
52. I laugh very easily.
53. You probably would have slept by now!
54. I can't converse in Hindi fluently. I drop a lot at times.
55. I hate people who write the incorrect spelling of my name and people with the same name as mine also using incorrect spellings. I've seen people writing 'AKANSHA', 'AAKANSHA'. The most pathetic was 'AAKAANKSHAA'. I mean come on, it's 'AKANKSHA'. Mummy, papa aur teacher ne Hindi nai padai kya?
56. I always keep something with me to eat while I'm studying. I usually drink a lot of green tea (okay, go on, laugh; but it's refreshing). I always feel extra hungry while studying.
57. I'm more into international cuisine than our very dear Indian cuisine.
58. I'm a good cook. I mostly cook desserts. The best till now has been Strawberry and Creme Brulee.
59. I'm searching for a very old song in my library right now which I'm more than willing to listen.
60. I hit really hard! Don't mess with me!

That's all for now fellas.
See you.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Monday, 20 February 2012

When Oops Became An Understatement - PART III

Hola compañeros!

And so I figured I can take out a 'little' time for my dear blog, now that there're only twenty days left to my execution (Relax, it's just boards!). So I had this new follower, Diwita. Amazing blog this girl has! I was going through her blog when I came across a series 'When Oops became an understatement'. Unfortunately, there're only two parts to this classic fictional piece she wrote. Thankfully, she permitted me to write a part III to it *God bless her soul*. You can read the first part HERE and the second part HERE AGAIN! 

She, now is resolute, she will remain silent of course. She will try and make amends, but she knows that countless lifetimes aren't enough to repent what she has make up for it... *sigh*

The penalty of some mistakes, is to suffer in silence.
And that's what she did, is doing and shall do. 

Sooner than anyone realizes, she would have faded away from their lives...especially ink from an old paper.

But does she have the strength to do that? If not, then WHAT ELSE can she do?

"So bloody many book! How does Sahana manage to grab the slightest sniff of oxygen between the pathetic smell of these worn out folios." thought Rehan, as he first time entered the school library, sure that he would find her here. He had so much to tell her. He saw Riya then. *phew* She would definitely be knowing of Sahana's whereabouts. "What are you talking about? You don't know where she is?! You were supposed to be the one closest to her. Anyhow, she hasn't entered the library since a couple of weeks now. I hardly see any of her. She might be busy with her projects." answered Riya rudely as ever. She never really liked him. Obvious reason being how deadly a crush she had on him and that he had rejected her.

No libraries, deactivated accounts, switched off mobile, impeccably invisible to nearly everyone in school. What's wrong with this woman?, thought Rehan, who knew the chirpy nature of her. So much so that entire grade used to know when she'd missed the school (of course then there used to be no one fool around and laugh and jump like a jackass all day in the corridors)! TWO WEEKS NOW! He hadn't seen the slightest of her. Did he hurt her in any way? Damn it! He should have restricted himself from touching her. He knew her well enough to gather the fact that she would not want Sia to be hurt; that she would have felt like a slut letting a guy touch her, who belonged to somebody else. But how could he? When those length of her locks caressed his face when he hugged her, when her hazel eyes would turn into an outstandingly tiny sized gaps like an infant laughing with all its might. No! I HAVE to tell her.

And the fan rotated as slow as it could. Sahana couldn't figure out what exactly she was to do. "Sweetheart, are you sleeping? Is everything okay?" again her over-concerned mother. But which mother wasn't; she loved her the way she was. Yes. Exactly the way she loved Rehan. Rehan. She shivered at the most feeble imagination of his. Oh, how she wished she hadn't  fallen into his arms helplessly each time. But how could even she stop herself? As if his emerald eyes weren't enough to melt and break heart at the pretty much same time. As if him being any more handsome wasn't enough for her to fall for him at each sight of him. It had hurt her. Yes, it did. She didn't want him to reach out to her in any way. She mustn't see him anymore. If she does, she'll break down and unknowingly the chips would fall on the table. *metal cracking* *metal cracking again, louder this time* What the hell is that?, thought Sahana, "Those bloody cats!" *metal cracks again*
She walks out in her balcony. Empty pavement. "Mom is out? That old lady doesn't even bother to at least announce, let alone inform." *metal cracks again* Agitated, she bends down to shoo the cats away. HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS! And she sees down gaping stupidly like a cow. She looks around to check if someone's aware of the happening. "Rehan what the hell are you doing on the damn pipes?! My house door opens, just so you know.", she screeches, afraid he might fall. "I'm halfway through. You want m to break my toes jumping down? Get aside of the railing." So she did.

Finally in the room, safe. "Before you shriek, I didn't use the door because in case if Aunty would have been here, she wouldn't have spare me any time with you alone." Squeezing her eyes Sahana glares at him. Of course Rehan knew it was about an explanation of his untimely presence with the super-heroic entry. Those eyes; how could he forget. Oh, how much he'd missed those. He stepped ahead to hold her, to feel her warmth, for her tresses to sale across his face and remind him of what it was like to love her. She backs off. Something is definitely wrong! Rehan tries scrape out any sort of justification that he can out of her, to know her aim of alienating herself from the world. Same standard replies.

Exasperated, he waggles her hard enough for all her organs to blend into a perfect juice. Only he knew how long he'd waited to see her. To tell her the metamorphosis their relation had undergone. To tell her what HE had undergone - with her and without her. He explains, she refuses. He convinces, she denies. He holds, she drops. Trying everything he could, Rehan falls on his knees, helpless. She hates to see him this way. "Why're you doing this to me?" inquires Rehan. "Because I'm dating someone now. Moreover you have Sia. We should stop whatever it was now Rehan. It's high time." Surprised on mustering enough strength to blurt that lie out on his face, it cracked her up to see him in tears. He decides to leave. Hugs her; maybe for the last time. Her hair, her ivory white skin, her warm hold. Savoring to her touch, he smiles when he realizes, how petite she was to let him engulf her in the strength of his arms. He is leaving now. He turns, to see her. His eyes teary. Sahana still in bewilderment of keeping herself from breaking down in front of him.

Rehan decides to walk home. Quite unlike him. That was something showcasing Sahana's characteristics. She'd said it's therapeutic. Indeed it was; now was it that he realized. Of course, he's hurt. He smiles into nothingness. He even knew through which fibre her blood traversed. Damn it, she still doesn't know she can't lie to me, realized Rehan. He could see how hard she'd been trying not to cry, how hard she'd held him before he departed. Determined, he walks. Sure of confessing to her his love and making her his once again. 'Making her his?' Blah! She was always meant for him. He knows what to do now and waits for the right time. Because now he knows that all he's ever done in his life till now, was make his way to her.
To be continued....

Till then, tener cuidado!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

El comienzo!

Hola compañeros!
So, first hand I'd ACTUALLY thank Ruhani.
It's been almost an year since I wanted to blog, but never did I gather enough energy to step out of my oh-so-dearest POOH BEAR blanket (you don't need to laugh on it). This little freak is strikingly inspiring at times; best part is that she remains unaware of it half the time! It's my first blog, so you'd rather want to pardon me for being silly or boring or any interesting adjective you'd like to impose onto me. 

For all of those growing confused about the Spanish post title, since I'm talking of the beginning of my blogs, thence, it clearly means 'THE BEGINNING'. No, I'm not a Spanish pro; my dad taught me a bit which he learnt during his MBA years.

I've always been taught of the significance of a 'beginning'. It's funny how people always talk of it in all ways they can't even comprehend. What I find funny is the fact of displaced mystery of an end. They say all good things come to an end; but then doesn't a beginning play into existence only after an end.

It's crazy how astrologers and scientists fight over the entire god-never or, and created-the universe. But who's even bothered?

Even if any one of them proves their fact, it's hardly going to be making the slightest of difference in anyone's life; and they'll be all happy-go-lucky winning some Nobel Prize for it! 

I'm always left clueless about not how the universe started, but what could have ended which ten brought our dear universe into existence? That's the most basest, yet THE most baseless question ever.

I needn't be bothered about this crap whatsoever. I've my board exams running towards me to crush me to the ground, battered and drown me into a pool whole of shit. But then everything comes to an end, don't they? They'll end too! And that's the time I'll go kick some ass (do not mind kick ass, jackass or any colloquial adjectives containing anything relating to an ass; I use a lot of them!) and have fun! That's all for now, fellas. I'll be back later with much more to talk about.

Till then, tener cuidado.
Mantener a patadas en el culo! (Keep kicking some ass =P)