Sunday, 26 February 2012

And Now There's No Looking Back!

Hola compañeros!

Okay, so since this past week was my last day in school, I’ve so have been pretty nostalgic about it. Never did I realise how fast exactly did my senior year went by and all that it left me was laughter, some more laughter, bunking memories, the ache for canteen food, tears, fights, more fights, some more tears, happy re-unions and of course some friends I’m sure I’ll be holding onto for the rest of my life. These are some pictures I realised I happen to have after I dug my drive memories hard. 

Sigh! And I thought it was good growing up!
I still remember the warm hugs on the last day, promises of partying and drinking every third day of the week together. Blah! Who are we kidding?! It's just the hormones speaking. No one's even going to remember the biggest of jokes you shared, or the amount of fights you had. And as I terraced my foot out of the school, I left a piece of me in there which I'm never getting back. There's this one poem I've which sits upon perfectly.

 As I walk across this empty hall
I look back, count my last steps in this school, my sanctuary.
I’ve walked this path many times, but it’s different now.
With each step, each echo…
I leave here a memory, a laugh, a cry, a part of myself.
I feel empty, as I pour out my feelings.
A last reminisce, a last cry, and finally,
A smile.
As I open the door, I pause for one more moment.
And I think to myself…
I’m going to start anew, fresh, another beginning.
I’m going to right my wrongs,
And become a better person.
As this chapter of my life comes to an end,
As this last teardrop falls,
As this last step is taken,
As this smile fades away,
I promise myself this:
I always and forever will be a Georgean.

I don't wish to break down in the wake of my school memories again. I already shed a lot of them this past week. All I've to live by now are the reminiscences and sounds of our by-gone laughter. :')

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado. :*


  1. the poem, is lovely.

    and about school getting over, dont you worry. the moment u start college, school will lay forgotten. its after college that you actually need to miss making such memories.

  2. Thank you Raj!
    College is at the maximum a five year period, but 14 years of schooling in unbeatable!

  3. four years of college. is worth a lifetime. but then cant say that about school. i mean u might but i cant. maybe it had to do something with the fact that i didnt stay in any beyond three.


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