Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Must Have!

Amarillo todas las!!!!! 

Apparently a long break from writing, eh? 
If you're thinking that I've suddenly turned my blog into a fashion one after reading the title, jump off a hill-top.
And if you thought that this one's not much of a necessity, I'll throw you off one, okay? =P

Considering femininity, there are obviously a lot of must-haves. That's a universal truth there. Again, jump off into a lake if you didn't know that. Alright! Enough of being a sadist! 

Ladies, this is about guys in your life. Yes, I know I'm making them sound like a wardrobe necessity, but aren't they sometimes JUST that? (Okay, guys. Just kidding)
Okay, so let's get down to business!

1) The Boy Toy
From his naughty smile to his utterly deadly panache, you'll find everything about him perpetually insatiable. He's funny, sweet, cute, sexy; and is more manicured and beautiful than you're. Your atmospherics harmony with him is good for a holiday romance, but doesn't it take more than fireworks to make a relationship work? He's the essential best friend in everyone's life. 
Celebrity prototype - Robert Redford

2) The Boyfriend
This one's for keeps. He's the one who leaves you romantic notes and quotes Keats, brings flowers (I'll kill mine if he does so!), reads poems to you, reads your bed-time novel to you, attends to you while you're sick, and cooks when you're lazy. Closest to being the answer to your prayers, he reminds you of home - the boy you can proudly show off to your mother. 
Celebrity prototype - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Real life prototype - Haven't known like him yet!

3) The Bad Boy 
He's the rebel of the lot. Iconoclastic and inflamed, he leads life on his own terms. He won't open car doors for you, or take you to fancy places, but he'll thrill you with his illusion of freedom. He's dangerous and heart-achingly irresistible. After all, can we women defy the urge to fix damaged goods? 
Celebrity prototype - James Dean

4) The Father Figure
Rock solid, he's the one you always rely on. Whether it's personal or some random advice, he'll be a hands-on help. You trust each other whole-heartedly. He loves you unconditionally and always has your back. 
Celebrity prototype - George Clooney

Real life prototype - Anirudh (Sharma)

5) The Standby
The quintessential Mr. Nice Guy. He never plays hard to get, is always around, and makes you laugh more than any other person you know. He genuinely respects you and tries to meet you halfway. Although his affability often leaves you wondering if he wants to be more than just friends, you pretend o be clueless because you value his dependability. 
Celebrity prototype - Matthew McConaughey

6) The Blast From Past
He's the ex you wish you'd never let go off. He fills you up with more passion than any other you've known. He is always the one introducing you to various phases of life, take you to the moon and back. He's the bad-boy-in-love scenario gone abso-flippin'-lutely right! You always bump into him, and by God, one look at him is never, mind you, never enough! He looks sexy even while cutting off the weeds (basketball in my case, both of them. =P) in his lawn. He fits your definition of Greek God, and tops your Fantasy List!
Celebrity prototype - Ryan Reynolds

Ain't I just awesome? You know I'm. YOU KNOW IT! =P
That's all for now, companeros! And Banerjee, I hope you enjoyed it! 

See you around, fellas!
Tener cuidado! :*

P.S. Any more of must-have guys in your mind, let me know. I'll update it! =D


  1. Woohoo! Loved the post :D
    Even though I dont even have a guy in mind for most categories XD

    1. Haha. Glad you liked it!
      Don't worry. Neither do I.

  2. As a guy, I'm still trying to fit myself in one category!
    Nice post though, teaches me not to be a Stand By or Father Figure. What's the point of being like a father anyway? :P

    1. Let girls fit you in the categories! =P
      You don't become a stand-by or a father figure by choice. It's your dependability and truthfulness that makes you that. Trust me, we girls look up to just these two kinds of men more than anyone else.
      Thank you! =)

  3. Kaafi Shauqeen kisam ki insaan ho tum O.o

    1. Thank you!
      And you're sitting in Dubai reading my blog? =P

    2. Thanku kyun bol rhi hai
      Tareef nhi kr rha hoon
      Or mjhe wapas aaye hue kaafi time hogya

  4. ahaan...quite an interesting observation miss...:-p
    and the words u've used to describe each u a "been there, done that..." persona...(compliment to the way you write...dun' misunderstand the line :-p)

    nywz...would be interesting to know which one of these would fit your bill...
    I do have an idea though...:-p

    1. Thank you!
      Oh, they all do! Every girl needs to have each one in her life. =)

    2. Yo...the standard answer...knew it...:-p
      you go the "something of everything" way...

      on a serious note...liked the maturity you have displayed through your words...
      oh n am not limiting my observation to this particular post of yours...

    3. You can say that. I don't kiss and tell!
      Thank you. That's a huge compliment.
      Read on. I'd love to hear more. =)

  5. the fixed damaged goods line, stuck in my head. Stuck in my head! totally stuck in my head!


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