Monday, 26 March 2012

The Chronicles of April Levesque...

Hola compañeros!

So I was just sitting and spinning up this story in my mind, which suddenly struck out of nowhere while I was idly enjoying the cool breeze as I was ridden of the horrid tension of Board Examinations.I haven't thought of what might happen ahead in the story. I'm just writing it out whatever had come into my mind at that point of time.

Looking out in the obscurity of the night, she slowly walked like a cat clutching the opaque encumbrance of her latest consignment. She sluggishly bordered her black tinted Porsche Carrera GT. She gently laid the cadaver inside the car, taking care to not allow even a drop of blood to ruin the expensive black coverings. Her wagon was the sole thing she was covetous of. She piloted her car all the way to the headquarters, as usual, to abdicate the body over to the forensic department.

She led her sleek, tall frame towards the Chief's cabin, as she always did to let him grasp the knowledge of her existence. "So, Kiddo. I realize that you concluded your hundredth and most difficult till date assignment with all the finesse that was bestowed upon you with your training. I'm proud of you, Kiddo.", he always called her that. She knew him since she was seven years of age, when he brought to her the hearsay of her father's death.Oh, how she had wept and mourned over his death. He had augmented her till she was eligible to join the agency. Chief had envisaged the skills of her father inside her. She was like him in many manners. Alike him, she was quick, clean and had the to-death identical upright pride. It at times exasperated her to hear that KIDDO all the time. She was 40 years old for the love of God! But somehow she refrained from agreeing to the fact that this was her most exacting case till date. Although she knew it had been tough for her to get through Gen. Richard Jack's tight and highly equipped minders with all the weapons on her. But all the world's thank you to Gen. Richard's outlandish amity for hookers and sex, it had not been tough for her to barge into his office and get the work done. She thought that he was alive only on oxygen and sex. But then no one could even blame him. She was the most ecstatic and serene contraption anyone could set their eyes upon. Even without the simplest forms of make-up, she was much more exquisite than the rated women in the world. Killing the General had given her utter carnality, for she knew he had been the man to kill her father. He had smuggled in the terrorists inside the country, the weapons; he had his hand in every illicit endeavour, from drugs to prostitution to stealing the oil from Iranian regions. His death had been necessary not only for the government or her agency, but for her too. But somehow, she couldn't come to terms to agree with Chief. This wasn't her toughest consignment till date.

April Levesque, 38 years old, works at the Computers Inc., lives alone, parents died in a car crash, a plain Jane. That was her fake self for the world. Only she, Chief and he had known who she really was. He! He had been the biggest mistake of all. It was her eightieth case. And that's where it all had began...

To be continued.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Friday, 23 March 2012

That's Enough Now..!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola compañeros!

So apparently it's my math Board tomorrow, after which I'd probably be like a free bird willing to fly up, up and away. I already am getting confused as to what should I be doing with the free time. Well, not free days as such. My entrance classes would be starting from 27th. What a shame! :-/
So all I really have by myself is the weekend. I mean seriously man! Four months you isolate yourself from the world in that tiny 24*7 lit corner of your room, glue your ass and slog it for what? Just one free weekend? Blah! Some of my friends have already ridden themselves of the terror of not having a teeny-weeny vacation. I'd be tormented yet again come next week. I sometimes really envy these commerce chaps. Idjits, this CBSE is.

But tomorrow, at 1:30pm, as the bell would ring and the scripts would be lifted up, I would breathe again and the exams can go to hell for all I care. Well you might want to listen to these amazing amazing tracks by UB40.
"Can't help falling in love"

"Tell me it's true"

See you fellas. Tomorrow, most positively.
Till then tener cuidado.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sometimes. Somewhere. Maybe...

Hola compañeros!

It's at times never enough of what you apparently get out of the ecstasy that stems out of the little, negligible contraption everyday. It seems to somehow assassinate your momentary angst and disquiet for everything. Angst, a very deeply shallow word it is. As much tranquil it is to not be pestered about it, the more it perturbs you. Funny fellow it is.

It was only the other day when I was out there, in the balcony striving to puff some pollution-oriented oxygen, assuming that it would perhaps clean my system a bit, and supply some good amount of air to my benumbed brain cells after I thrived on persecuting them after the hideous chapter of Probability. Pleasant the air was. At that very moment, I was slapped hard with a tiny-winy pang of angst that I felt. Or was it anguish. Or torment. Or the fatigue and enervation of the constant torture on me by my books, after they gobbled up a fragment of my nice, pink brain which had virtually been converted into a rich anthracite that would set my brain on flames any time soon. As transient that angst was to enter inside of my mind, it went away with double the agility. It didn't perhaps give me the prospect to ruminate over its sudden showdown. I tried cogitating it, but in vain. I attempted to feel anxious about something, anything. To get that hunch back, and reason it. What was it about? Being made to work like a machine pulley? Or of being alone? Or of missing something, or someone? Or in the wake of wanting something? Okay, let's see, what do I lack at present. Support from parents; HELL NO. Friends? Naw! School? Maybe. A boyfriend, 'cause everyone around me has one? Blah, I'm happy single. Left unanswered to that strange, untimely question, I could hear my mother opening the gateway of her den. I knew she would come out looking for me, anxious if everything was fine, if I was scared of the Boards, or my future. Anxious! Anxious? I reflexively turned around to welcome Mum to stand by my side and chat a bit. Oh it's always so good to be with her! Her smile is the most bolstering encouragement for me. Bidding her farewell for the night, I retreated into my haven. Cleaning up the disarray of my books, I swiftly slid into my quilt. This thing had felt more of an anchorage than my entire room itself. And it struck me. Mum's smile. And I had forgotten the hide-'n-seek I was playing with my heart, or was it my brain? Perhaps the prerequisite trepidation was devouring me up. I'm still clueless. All I could clarify with myself was that my angst would be the greatest killer of the love inside me. It'll drown you, even if you wouldn't. The panic it'll create inside of you might strangle you down. I slept, peacefully. Sure of never having the need to panic, or chase an angst that's never meant to subsist.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Then, Now....And After

Hola compañeros!

So have I apparently thought that after everyone wrote a letter to themselves, I'd better do it! 

Dear you, or us?
Alright fine! I know it's a really really BAD phase going on. I can absolutely fathom what you're clearly going through. I know I should have doubtlessly written this little piece to you long back. Maybe then, you might have known and would have been able to take control of the situations. You won't be a tomboy anymore. You'll loosen up on death metal and you'll also start listening to Karl Wolf and Diana Krall. But don't worry. You'll have a lot of situations. They'll only make you strong and wise. But! Before anything, 
  • You'd like to trust Monika a bit more than you already do. I know, I know, she'd hurt you. All of them did. But keep her close. She's here to stay. She'll be the first one who'll repudiate to relinquish you. 
  • You better learn talking to Mum, kid. You'll realize in the nearest future that NOBODY is going to buttress you more than her. She'll be your best friend. (And psst, you'll even be able to discuss guys with her at a point of time freely. Yay much? Definitely!)
  • DO NOT trust Mehak, or let her help you out or even TRY taking control of your problems. She'll ultimately ruin everything up.
  • Let Jai go, okay? He's going to hurt you massively! Just, let him go! 
  • LISTEN to Ma'am Rashmi. She's going to be a hell of a mentor and a friend to you.
  • Drop that Harman's and Pawan's group, will you? They're a bunch of high qualified dogs.(No no, not in a bad way.) But they'll all be sweet to you at a point of time, courtesy Harman.
And if you wish to stay happy,.... well, do you? Of course kid! There's a lot more of things on the way that are going to be a ride of a lifetime. For that you might want to
  • Learn to share your life with your brother. He's the only one who'll be backing up for you when you'll be alfresco, painting the town red.
  • Go and tell Monika about Jai. She'll be the only one who'd apparently remember everything about that battalion-sized group of yours. Don't hide anything. I mean it.
  • DON'T leave your guitar, child. Don't. Whatever the reason might pop in, howsoever silly or mammoth, don't leave that average-sized piece of Spanish wood. You would understand magnitude of happiness it would give you after a point of time.
  • You, in all probability, don't know Himani, or Swati, or Tanushree. They'll love you for who you are and whatever you might turn into in the coming years. Oh, and yes! Bash the hell out of Tanu if she flunks. You might not agree with yourself at that point, but trust me, you'd be doing her mighty good! Also, keep Himani close. She'll apparently be the only one to soothe you when you'll have nobody listening.
  • Dance more often. And don't fret joining any contemporary, or ballet classes. I know you can't point your right toe due to the operations. But hey! Your left toe does. Maybe when you get into form, you might be able to do it. Go, alright. I didn't. You do it for me. 
  • Don't let go off your sketching and painting. There'll be a moment when people would be awed by your work and you'll be proud. And you'd be able to compete with your best friend, yes yes, you'll be that good.
  • Don't stop listening to your teachers. You'll excel!
Stop being the bitch you're. Jai would go away. Don't cry okay. Your tears are too precious. And keep that little tiny secret of his, and bury it with yourself when you die. You'd be glad that all you did to him was good, and you brought life back to his dull face yet again, when Mum goes away. Don't panic. It won't be painful for her. Just take care of Jai. You know how aloof he stays. He'd be all the more depressed after it.

And Aabhaas will come around. Don't give up on him. Even here Mum will go too. All he'll have is you in the initial months as you become best friends again. Encourage him, he's going to be famous. And don't grow choleric if you have to pay for him. In no time you'll see him earning for himself and returning all your love double. He'll be you savior. 

And when you reach 11th grade,
  • You'll be alone in the class. Jagisha will go off to Modern. You'll have to make new ones. And trust me, they'll make memories for you in your senior year. Your high school will be the finest years of your life.
  • You'll meet Aditya (You call him Adi). Don't share too much, or let him be a very close friend. He'll fall for you and you'll hurt him. Maintain your distance from him.
  • You'll come across Samhita (Sammy, Bitto, Chhota). You'll think she's a snob. She'll think likewise. But talk to her. Clarify. Share. And whoop D**'s ass when she tries harming her. THAT will be when you and Samhita will become good friends.
  • You'll also meet Akshay (Gujjar Boy, Jalebi) and Vikramjeet (Vicky, Gobar Ganesh). They'll take you on a laugh riot everyday, and also be close to you when Adi would walk out. 
  • Also, Aishwarya will come close to you. She'll indulge into gossips, and sharing her deepest secrets about herself to you. Respect her. She's one hell of a sweetheart. And you're going to miss her bad after school.
  • Don't wish Rahul Happy Birthday. You'd do him and yourself a big, big favor. 
  • You'll also meet Anirudh, Robin. And you and Siddhu will become close friends. He'll update you regarding everything (=P). 
  • Don't drink or smoke too much, will you? 
  • You'll lose about 11kg, and drop to around 45kg or so? Keep a check on that.
You'll join A.V.T.E. in your last year. There
  • You'll meet Anushree (Anu). Dude, trust me, she's the sweetest thing you'll come across.
  • You'll meet Prabal (BB). Don't let him close. You'll hurt him.
  • And because of him^, you'll meet Saurabh (Bandar, you'll strangely be good friends with him. You both trouble each other but share the deepest secrets in isolation. He's the funniest thing you'll see. Don't let him go.), Anubhav (Baniya Boy), Sukrti (<3), Tanushree (Froggy :*), Ruhani (You'll give her a lot of names. But you'll stick to calling her Ruhaa or Chub Chub. And she's probably going into when-will-this-woman-stop-being-sweet-to-me mode and smiling big. And let her know you're not being sweet, you just plain love her, and also that you HATE when she's formal 24*7) and *drumrolls*....Ruchir (Puri, Kuchipudi, Gabbar, SADU baby, Dhakkan Pratap Singh. He'll turn out to be your best friend. He's an idiot, but don't give up, he's moody. He'll be there when you'll have no one to talk to. He'll be the best thing A.V.T.E. would give you).
  • Ruhani would introduce you to this wonderful thing called blog, and you're going to love it.
  • During boards you would gain 10kg in two months flat! And 2kg during the penultimate week of it. You'll look fat and chubby. Again, keep a check here too

2008 (9th)

2009 (10th)

2010 (11th)

2011 (12th)

2012 (Farewell)
More than your friends, don't give up on yourself. You are lovely, you're sweet, you're brave, and you have a heart. Don't let that go. Always be the first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. Don't complain, don't explain. resist the temptation to defend yourself. These people will love you unconditionally. Lenses will happen eventually. You'll learn also about beauty regimes, and end up looking less of an Iranian monkey that you are. Don't compromise yourself- all you'll end up having is you. Don't cry when school gets over. These people are for a lifetime. Oh shit! And before I forget! There'll be seven Harry Potter books. Yes! SEVEN! Alright, get happy. 

Eat, sleep, study, play, dance, paint. STAY HAPPY. There'll be people who'll try to hurt you. Show them the infernal thundercloud you have inside of you. You make me want to live again. 
I Love You.(Not venally, but proudly.)
Ak. :*

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.
Sea usted mismo. =) :*

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spin-A-Yarn.[The Introduction]- The Journals VII.

Hola compañeros!

So companeros, this is the seventh installment of Ruhani's first story of Spin-A-Yarn
The first part is by Ruhani here.
Second part here.
Third part here.
Fourth here.
Fifth here.
And sixth here.

Source: Ashzzes Blog

Ah! I can see him open his old eyes! I see him interlocking them with her yet forever young eyes.

It was all so unencumbered. Every spectator that could possibly have subsisted to recite the saga of our ardor. I could see now that the reason it had hurt him so much was because our souls were connected. The journal had been the sole nexus between us. 

My soul, fortunately, had an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter. His journal was the main ingredient filling up the massive void that we had sandwiched. Every leaf, every volume of his journal that I read each night, had a soul. His soul, who wrote it and my soul which read it, lived and dreamed with it. Each time I variate with the folio, every time I ran my eyes down its pages, my spirit grew and strengthened. Rummaging in my soul, I often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed. 

An inordinate length of time went by since I surrendered to his touch, his love. It would be tonight. I'll be with him once more. For years I've been descending into his capacity to wake him up. To let him witness that never did I legate him. I was here. All along. Watching him. Haha! He still sleeps with his socks on. He looks antiqued and fatigued. He's exhausted. I can see how long he had been yearning for his only mate. But now I'm here. I think he deserves something beautiful. There are heaps of cracks in his heart, but now that's how my light is going to be inside of him. I've a history of making decision about him very quickly. I had fallen in love with him fast and without measuring the risks. I've fallen in love more times with the highest potential of this man than I care to count. 

And now I'm here. I love him. I don't care if he needs to stay up all night long crying. I'll stay with him. There's nothing I can ever do to lose him again. I'll protect him, till he dies and I'll still protect him after his death. His indent and melancholy crafted him old. But I'm stronger than them, I'll never be exhausted. And now that we're together.......

Source : Google

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Monday, 12 March 2012

I Smile, Therefore I Am...

Hola compañeros!

I can't really even figure out whether I'm in my 'hola' mood or not! I perpetually can't come to terms to believing people. I've come across, like ample souls who've loathed. And trust me companeros, the feeling has been mutual. WHY can't they come to terms with their life the way it's supposed to be?!??!! Can you even conjure up the fact there're even categories to delineate these moronic, badass creatures! 

1. The Devdas.
Oh you'll never be lacking these idiots. "Pyaar se bechare, duniya ke maare". I mean I can really understand and extend my hand to those who've really gone through a ominous phase. But girlfriend chali gayi? Dost ne maara? Abe to Kyaaa! Waapas maar dost ko. Police thodi hai jo gun chala denge! =P
They're perpetually upset about everything they can possibly define as a rationale. They can even be upset about the samosa in your school canteen having an extra drop of oil. I mean, come on! You'd rather want to exercise those facial muscle by grinning now and then, or else you might end up winning yourself an Olay facelift cream commercial as a gift on your eighteenth birthday. 
Why do they dislike me?
  • Because of this abso-freaking-lutely amazing smiling routine which I'm a pro at.
  • Because I opted out of their league of being yet another Devdas, and listening to all sorts 'Pankaj Udhas' tracks. I chose death metal instaed.(Y) [Hail Metallica B)]
  • Because I always, always end up pushing myself into a cauldron of hitches, and Tadaa! I come out smiling each time, even if I'm the loser.
  • Because well, basically I laugh a lot.
2. The Show-offs.
THESE are the highest rated vexing ones out of all. They don't seem to have comprehended what shutting up means. It includes the drag queens as well, who companeros, trust me, absolutely sense vanity in even discussing the number of guys they've been playing around with. [I'm just trying not to be too explicit, you know what I mean right?, RIGHT?] They assume it's fun to be feared, and loathed. They think they're popular! Boo Hoo! No one even gives a rat's ass about all you brag about, and Newsflash sweetheart! You can happily shove your stories right up your candy ass! 
Why do they dislike me? 
  • Because I'm genuine? Oh yes, I'm. *swells with pride*
  • Because I don't know how to make up stories. Well, blogging is different! It's an art! Well basically I write stories, not flash it all over my face. I guess that's the only thing common between me and these GenX Shakespeare; we make fiction. 
  • Because I don't have a plastic smile. Uh-Uh! However weird, or loud, or strange my laugh might be, it's straigt from the heart.
  • Because, unlike them, when I say to be there, to love a person, I mean it. *cross my heart and hope to die*
  • Because I'm very amiable at insulting the mummies-daddies out of their sweet candy ass!
  • Because, psst, just between us? Guys like me more.
  • Because, I HAVE BRAINS!
And then, there's one and only ONE class of people to defy these idiots! It's us! We awesome people!
And well you know, there can't be groupings for people who're happy, and content, and nice, and silly, and stupid, and awesome, and soulful.
We know the secrets to BE that one happy mien.
I know how to forget the past and take responsibility, how to develop multiple passions and nurture my relationships, how to live my life's purpose and count my blessings, how to start with whatever I have and change, how to make others happy and distill ambitions. I know, how to BE who I am!
It doesn't matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn the light on, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years - we turn on the light and it's illuminated!
Just don't have one kind of smile. Have a lot of them! Trust me, you'll find one for each time you'll face a problem, or an idiot like that!
Smile! Because it makes you, YOU. =)

P.S. Diwita, I hope the color doesn't hurt your eyes now. =)
See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado
Sigue sonriendo. =)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Spin-A-Yarn.[The Introduction]- The Journals II.

Hola compañeros!

So apparently I've gotten much time to elaborate this exercise which my friend and fellow blogger started to called Spin-A-Yarn (you can read here what Ruhani calls the B-4 Theory).
So companeros! This is the sequel to Ruhani's first post - The Journal.

They talked of his enigmatic lineage. But most importantly, they talked of her. 

Source: Ruhani's Blog

He would be apprehensive to open them, lest the vanilla, fruity almond like spoor abscond the folios. He feared it. Yes, he did. It was only the fragrance and archaic, unbecoming leather binding which had incarcerated golden letters which grew pristine when once she'd fondled them with the extremities of her long, articulate hands. Her ubiquitous aura for generations teased his memories of her, which he with all his might had tried preserving. No soul was allowed around the volume oh his leaves. He hadn't wanted anybody to have savored to the fruity aura he'd resuscitated for all this while. That would have taken a trifling chunk of her away from him, thereby shortening his age that was left to be expended with whatever he had of her.
He had escalated to the zenith, with her. His plunges had cascaded, without her. Those manuscripts roared about her departure, it roared of his story; their story. He'd been like a directionless mortified patina which had been disconnected from its vivacious tree, compelling him to unload his soul which had felt like a rock when she'd pilfered his fortitude, leaving his soul groundless. He'd roam the lanes which screeched her name in anguish in the hope that somewhere, someplace, he might find her, and beseech her, to refund his heart. 
The corsage that she used to place around them would still linger inside their urn. Orchids; she adored them. And now the same torn folios, the peeling edges couldn't stop her. The golden letters that'd adorned the leather bindings once, had vanished to an unrecognizable extent in the wake of retrieving her, so that her earthy smell could ease out the torn pages, settle the peeling edges, talk to them about him pushing his limits further than the zenith so that they would never bemoan his tragic fall. He was renowned to be just. He'd been just - with her memories, in preserving her. All of her. But He had been unjust, to snatch away the only memory he was striving to enunciate to the world; unjust to snatch her from him.
And now on his twenty six thousand, four hundred and eighty eighth day of his residing in this realm, the pages which smelt of vanilla scented wood, were bolted, still clutching to the sagas of unsolved mysteries and countless secrets. They no more spoke of his companions, or his enigmatic lineage. But most importantly, they perished with him, while talking of her all this time.
Source: Wikipedia

See you fellas.
Till then tener cuidado.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Of All The Females In My life...

Hola compañeros!

A very Happy wala Holi to you! And a Strong, powerful and Happy Women's Day.

The world defines Women as a female human. Someone who's born to obey, to cook food, raise your kids and keep you content. Is that all? That's how you treat your sister, best friend or girlfriend. Because newsflash sweetheart! Your Dad did the same thing to your Mom. Feeling foiled? Obviously! Go, run around, yell for their rights. But stop, don't! Because you'll end up being the same man your ancestors were.

Yes, you're the best, unsurpassed, paramount, preeminent, superlative. We can say more in a sigh, than a man can say in a sermon. Your whole life is a history of affection. No matter what you look like, you're sexy if you're confident! Your most beautiful make-up is passion; cosmetics are cheaper to buy. You're to be loved, not understood. 
You're fabricated into an innocent daughter, a caring sister, a warm friend, a passionate beloved, a dedicated wife, a divine mother, a blessing grandmother. Hitherto, you're resilient, with a heart so tender, so naughty, so alluring, so sharing, so lyrical. 
You're a Woman. You're life.
These are some women, I thank Lord for having in my vivacity.  

Yes, it's my mother bitches! My best friend, My confidante, My soul and my reason to live, to do something. She's been my God, my hero, my greatest fan and my greatest critique. She makes me believe in me, she consoles me to be capable of things unimaginable. My painting, sketching, music, dancing; everything has been her endowment to me. She taught me that nobody will give me power, I'll have to take it. She's the sort of woman who lives for others - you can tell the other by their hunted expression. Her feminism is the radical notion, that women are humans.

My second best friend, my Godmother.
Her wit is a treasure, her witty beauty her power. She's strong..., and scary. She taught me to be rather happy, than dignified. 

Monika Singh Rattey a.k.a Chhota Singh.
Ten years, and nothing about US has changed. She taught me to love unconditionally, to be there, to help, to share, to laugh. Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. You can kid the world but not your sister. And I don't understand how do people make it without a sister? Sometimes it's better to be a sister than a superhero.

Unnati Sharma a.k.a Nunu. There's nothing more delightful than the realization of the existence of an elder sister. Sisterly love of all the relationships is most abstract. Nature doesn't grant it any functions. If people think I'm not a girl, meet her!

Himani Gu;ati a.k.a Himanititis a.k.a Laughter Queen.
Our roots say we're friends, our hearts say we're sisters. Another younger sibling, she taught me to be patient, to listen, to respond, to express. We don't need words for commuting; we've snarls and smiles, and frown and winks.

Oh and there's someone else too!

Ruhani Chopra a.k.a Ruhaaa a.k.a Chub chub a.k.a Ninty Minty a.k.a Fuzzkins a.k.a Honeybuns a.k.a Cuddly Wuddly a.k.a Pooh Bear a.k.a Tinkerbell a.k.a Gorgi Porgi a.k.a Rolly Polly a.k.a Rona Mona Lisa. Bas! Thak gayi! Tujhe nick-names hi itne saare diye hai! But! Like I had said on your birthday, you're one of my most treasured possessions, and one of the most prettiest woman I've come across. I completely see my 15-16 year old self in her. Out of everything I learnt from her she taught me to never grow up. 

These are the women who made me what I'm today! I'm tough, I'm ambitious....and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay! 
This is just another day for me to tell these women I love them. Blah! I do it every single day. Celebrate them, celebrate yourself! Hold those important-than-life women and tell them what they mean. I just did. (I'm on house arrest till the boards get over so don't rant that I didn't hug you.)

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

When Oops Became An Understatement - Part IV

Hola compañeros!

And so physics was pathetic, next is chemistry, it's easy, and instead of studying that, I'm merrily giving away my time to me dear blog. And so as I promised my fellow blogger Diwita to take a blog-post she initiated ahead. And so this is the sequel to the previous post here and the first two parts here and here on Diwita's blog.

And the curtains were raised, an enormous inundation of corsage along the red carpet as Westland High welcomed their senior class for their outgoing ceremony. The sun couldn't have shone brighter in that January morning. There was something euphoric about that morning. Rehan's eyes peered through every feminine visage as he rummaged for Sahana. He would get rid of the uneasiness today itself; he was determined. A placid zephyr swept through his perfectly congealed hair like he was swayed to heaven, like Sahana caught him from behind. Rehan turned around. Dumbstruck. Dumbfound. Dumbass. He felt every colloquial adjective for himself containing anything related to dumbness as he finally witnessed Sahana walking down the steps of the auditorium. A simple red tinted Saree circled around her petite personage, big danglers, high heels - obviously, she looked tall. And her tresses, straight and golden as ever, swept on one side and the other left behind to caress her almost unclothed back. It irritated Rehan to see that bare back. Of course, guys couldn't take their eyes off her.

She felt like a weak girl being eve-teased by roadside Romeo and feels respite when her hero comes to save her and single handedly bashes up the bad boys - that's how stupid she felt on seeing Rehan. God, he was beautiful. He looked more of gent than any guy present in her vicinity, even with those long, messy, unsettled tresses. That was the best part of him.

Photography time! Finally! Pictures, pictures and some more pictures and then some more and.... *memory full*
She was still left to be clicked with Rehan. She glanced around only to envisage that he was walking towards her with a mile long grin. He came, she talked. He talked, she listened. She smiled, he clicked. He smiled, they posed. These wer their best pictures ever!

"I need to speak to you", Rehan finally blurted. "About?", asked Sahana, always inquisitive even about the smallest of the posse. "I think we should.." "Hey guys!", Sia interrupted.
Rehan quietly withdrew himself from the spot. 
Sahana - Sia, you look soo pretty!
Sia- Thanks, babes. You don't look any less beautiful. I can see all the chaps crunching on you.
Sahana - Anyways Sia. A year and a half with Rehan tomorrow aye? I'm just so excited for you both! *it cracks her up to say this*
Sia - A year and a half? With Rehan? Sahana, haven't you and Rehan been talking for long? Is everything alright?
Sahana - What do you mean? *confused*
Sia - Rehan and I never even completed a year of togetherness Sahana. We broke up only six months after the time we started dating. But how come you don't know any of this? Did he hurt you? Tell me, I'll kick his ass.
Sahana - What?!!!!???!!! Then why didn't any of you tell everybody?
Sia - I told my friends. He told his. Everyone thought he must have conveyed the story to you. 
Sahana - Why am I being made the donkey here out of everyone?! This is so disappointing.
Sia - So he didn't tell you?
Sahana - Tell me what? *absolutely out of control*
Sia - He loves you Sahana. He's loved you a very long time. He realized this after being with me and then at the same time not being able to be with me. If you know what I mean. The entire school knows it babe. Haven't you been on Facebook or what? Haven't you seen his DP?

Sahana almost in tears. She scampered out of the grange. Leaping towards the washroom, someone holds her dramatically towards the band room. That had been the place where she'd spent maximum of her epoch through the years with Rehan here. It was their favorite bunking hideout. She looks around bewildered. It WAS Rehan himself to pull her. Of course, who else? She glared at him with mixed feelings. That dog. So he did know her well enough to administer to the fact that she won't just let any guy touch her. He respected her integrity, preserved it. Bawling, she ran into his open arms, holding him as compactly as possible. Rehan was happy to have control over that petite dignitary all over again. How well he knew the over-outspoken nature of Sia, confident that she'll blurt out the candor and make things easy for him. 
"Owww! What the hell? Now what was that sweet gesture for?", screeched Rehan, disturbed by that thunderous slap. "You deserve it. Why didn't you tell me? And you fucking told Sia first about it!", spoke the angry nature of her. "What else would I have done? You wouldn't have realized your own feelings anyhow otherwise.", defended Rehan. "I would have Rehan, I would have. I love you, I've loved you all along." 
It swelled Rehan's heart to hear that. 
"You know what baby? I'm not going to be asking you to date me, Sahana. All I want is time and your hand to hold on, while we traverse through the most beautiful moments for us to come. Just like you've always wished for." This filled her heart. She finally had what she wanted.
"Ahem Ahem! Are we allowed to interrupt?" And entered their entire comrade of friends smiling and happy to see the always-meant-to-be birds together. Sahana and Rehan hugged Sia, which she knew obviously meant a thank you to her.
Their friends were growing edgy with the prolonging 'pyaar bhare nagme'. 
"Okay, so can we depart now that you two have confessed your emotional states to each other. We have to get ready for the party people and even empty our camera memories for tonight. It's going to be such fun!" Aaahhh! Of course, everyone one knew the impulsive side of Sia. Sahana looks up to Rehan, deep in his eyes, reveling in the love for her which they emoted.
"Don't wear too short a dress for tonight, honey, will you? I can't fight with every guy, you see!" Sahana laughed at it. That's all, that was all Rehan had been yearning for.


This picture was so like them. The special ones. The ones intimately close to the heart. 
Finally, time to party and handover their charge to their juniors.
Of dresses, suits, stilettos and beer. 
Probably Oops WAS quite the understatement.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.