Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Then, Now....And After

Hola compañeros!

So have I apparently thought that after everyone wrote a letter to themselves, I'd better do it! 

Dear you, or us?
Alright fine! I know it's a really really BAD phase going on. I can absolutely fathom what you're clearly going through. I know I should have doubtlessly written this little piece to you long back. Maybe then, you might have known and would have been able to take control of the situations. You won't be a tomboy anymore. You'll loosen up on death metal and you'll also start listening to Karl Wolf and Diana Krall. But don't worry. You'll have a lot of situations. They'll only make you strong and wise. But! Before anything, 
  • You'd like to trust Monika a bit more than you already do. I know, I know, she'd hurt you. All of them did. But keep her close. She's here to stay. She'll be the first one who'll repudiate to relinquish you. 
  • You better learn talking to Mum, kid. You'll realize in the nearest future that NOBODY is going to buttress you more than her. She'll be your best friend. (And psst, you'll even be able to discuss guys with her at a point of time freely. Yay much? Definitely!)
  • DO NOT trust Mehak, or let her help you out or even TRY taking control of your problems. She'll ultimately ruin everything up.
  • Let Jai go, okay? He's going to hurt you massively! Just, let him go! 
  • LISTEN to Ma'am Rashmi. She's going to be a hell of a mentor and a friend to you.
  • Drop that Harman's and Pawan's group, will you? They're a bunch of high qualified dogs.(No no, not in a bad way.) But they'll all be sweet to you at a point of time, courtesy Harman.
And if you wish to stay happy,.... well, do you? Of course kid! There's a lot more of things on the way that are going to be a ride of a lifetime. For that you might want to
  • Learn to share your life with your brother. He's the only one who'll be backing up for you when you'll be alfresco, painting the town red.
  • Go and tell Monika about Jai. She'll be the only one who'd apparently remember everything about that battalion-sized group of yours. Don't hide anything. I mean it.
  • DON'T leave your guitar, child. Don't. Whatever the reason might pop in, howsoever silly or mammoth, don't leave that average-sized piece of Spanish wood. You would understand magnitude of happiness it would give you after a point of time.
  • You, in all probability, don't know Himani, or Swati, or Tanushree. They'll love you for who you are and whatever you might turn into in the coming years. Oh, and yes! Bash the hell out of Tanu if she flunks. You might not agree with yourself at that point, but trust me, you'd be doing her mighty good! Also, keep Himani close. She'll apparently be the only one to soothe you when you'll have nobody listening.
  • Dance more often. And don't fret joining any contemporary, or ballet classes. I know you can't point your right toe due to the operations. But hey! Your left toe does. Maybe when you get into form, you might be able to do it. Go, alright. I didn't. You do it for me. 
  • Don't let go off your sketching and painting. There'll be a moment when people would be awed by your work and you'll be proud. And you'd be able to compete with your best friend, yes yes, you'll be that good.
  • Don't stop listening to your teachers. You'll excel!
Stop being the bitch you're. Jai would go away. Don't cry okay. Your tears are too precious. And keep that little tiny secret of his, and bury it with yourself when you die. You'd be glad that all you did to him was good, and you brought life back to his dull face yet again, when Mum goes away. Don't panic. It won't be painful for her. Just take care of Jai. You know how aloof he stays. He'd be all the more depressed after it.

And Aabhaas will come around. Don't give up on him. Even here Mum will go too. All he'll have is you in the initial months as you become best friends again. Encourage him, he's going to be famous. And don't grow choleric if you have to pay for him. In no time you'll see him earning for himself and returning all your love double. He'll be you savior. 

And when you reach 11th grade,
  • You'll be alone in the class. Jagisha will go off to Modern. You'll have to make new ones. And trust me, they'll make memories for you in your senior year. Your high school will be the finest years of your life.
  • You'll meet Aditya (You call him Adi). Don't share too much, or let him be a very close friend. He'll fall for you and you'll hurt him. Maintain your distance from him.
  • You'll come across Samhita (Sammy, Bitto, Chhota). You'll think she's a snob. She'll think likewise. But talk to her. Clarify. Share. And whoop D**'s ass when she tries harming her. THAT will be when you and Samhita will become good friends.
  • You'll also meet Akshay (Gujjar Boy, Jalebi) and Vikramjeet (Vicky, Gobar Ganesh). They'll take you on a laugh riot everyday, and also be close to you when Adi would walk out. 
  • Also, Aishwarya will come close to you. She'll indulge into gossips, and sharing her deepest secrets about herself to you. Respect her. She's one hell of a sweetheart. And you're going to miss her bad after school.
  • Don't wish Rahul Happy Birthday. You'd do him and yourself a big, big favor. 
  • You'll also meet Anirudh, Robin. And you and Siddhu will become close friends. He'll update you regarding everything (=P). 
  • Don't drink or smoke too much, will you? 
  • You'll lose about 11kg, and drop to around 45kg or so? Keep a check on that.
You'll join A.V.T.E. in your last year. There
  • You'll meet Anushree (Anu). Dude, trust me, she's the sweetest thing you'll come across.
  • You'll meet Prabal (BB). Don't let him close. You'll hurt him.
  • And because of him^, you'll meet Saurabh (Bandar, you'll strangely be good friends with him. You both trouble each other but share the deepest secrets in isolation. He's the funniest thing you'll see. Don't let him go.), Anubhav (Baniya Boy), Sukrti (<3), Tanushree (Froggy :*), Ruhani (You'll give her a lot of names. But you'll stick to calling her Ruhaa or Chub Chub. And she's probably going into when-will-this-woman-stop-being-sweet-to-me mode and smiling big. And let her know you're not being sweet, you just plain love her, and also that you HATE when she's formal 24*7) and *drumrolls*....Ruchir (Puri, Kuchipudi, Gabbar, SADU baby, Dhakkan Pratap Singh. He'll turn out to be your best friend. He's an idiot, but don't give up, he's moody. He'll be there when you'll have no one to talk to. He'll be the best thing A.V.T.E. would give you).
  • Ruhani would introduce you to this wonderful thing called blog, and you're going to love it.
  • During boards you would gain 10kg in two months flat! And 2kg during the penultimate week of it. You'll look fat and chubby. Again, keep a check here too

2008 (9th)

2009 (10th)

2010 (11th)

2011 (12th)

2012 (Farewell)
More than your friends, don't give up on yourself. You are lovely, you're sweet, you're brave, and you have a heart. Don't let that go. Always be the first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. Don't complain, don't explain. resist the temptation to defend yourself. These people will love you unconditionally. Lenses will happen eventually. You'll learn also about beauty regimes, and end up looking less of an Iranian monkey that you are. Don't compromise yourself- all you'll end up having is you. Don't cry when school gets over. These people are for a lifetime. Oh shit! And before I forget! There'll be seven Harry Potter books. Yes! SEVEN! Alright, get happy. 

Eat, sleep, study, play, dance, paint. STAY HAPPY. There'll be people who'll try to hurt you. Show them the infernal thundercloud you have inside of you. You make me want to live again. 
I Love You.(Not venally, but proudly.)
Ak. :*

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.
Sea usted mismo. =) :*


  1. Aye! I'm mentioned here! :)

  2. wow. this was amazing. like really. loved the honesty of it. and i am sorry if i wasn't meant to read it.

  3. No dude. It's absolutely fine. It's good to share. Thank you.


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