Sunday, 23 September 2012

Let There Be Awesomeness! (Y)

Okayyyyyyyyyyy! So wasn't really expecting this one, but boom! Yeah it pretty much hit me like that! I won the "Versatile Blogger Award", and have been tagged also! 

And a lot lot lot lot lot of love to Ajay! Thanks man. You're a true booster! =D

a) Done!

b) Seven random facts about myself

  1. I hate Shahrukh Khan. Like hate hate hate hate him.
  2. I feel like a bonded labour since college started.
  3. I got inked again! Awesome much? =D
  4. I had my fresher's last night, and I was SO tired that I don't remember half the things.
  5. I FINALLY have a DSLR. 550D, bitches! 
  6. I'm apparently more lonely right now than I've ever been.
  7. Ummmm, I don't know! Can't think of anything else! :/



  1. To be happy, and not lonely for once.
  2. My parents.
  3. Last thing would be to go to Marine Drive and feel the winds.
  4. Working. Working, working, and working. (What else do you expect from architects?)
  5. Myself, actually. Had I been a different person, I probably wouldn't have made the mistakes I did!
  6. I'm not telling you that!
  7. Last person? There should be someone? I won't even be able to reproduce our species.
  8. My mother.
  9. 8.5! =)
  10. It's pretty relative. And that's a good thing!

d) Random questions for nominated bloggers:
  1. If you had a pig, what would you name it?
  2. How do you exert most energy? =P
  3. What do you think would happen if your dog ate your sunscreen?
  4. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?
  5. Do prison buses have emergency exits?
  6. Why can't doughnuts be square?
  7. Are children who acted in rated R movies allowed to see them?
  8. Does a postman deliver his own mail?
  9. Why are the shoe sizes different for a man and a woman of the same height?
  10. Okay, can't get anymore crazier. Review my blog. =P

e) People I nominate.

I guess that's all. For now.
See you around.
Tener cuidado! :*

Just Friends....

We enjoy each others company
but for the most part, we avoid it.
We pretend there is nothing there.
We're just friends.
Every time we meet, it's awkward at first.
We check our guard and put up the walls.
We're just friends that's all.
We call each other on the phone,
and always have a good excuse for doing so.
Do friends need an excuse?
You remind me that "We must be careful",
"We can't go there", you say.
The rules have been set,
and we live by them.

We sit and talk for hours,
two sets of blue eyes interlocked
and neither turns away.
I hang on your every word.
Your simple presence in a room,
gives my life a purpose.
Add your voice and a smile,
and I melt away.
The thought of you touching me
makes my body scream out with yearning.
But we're just friends, right?
Why do I feel it's more?
Are we in self-inflicted denial?
Our past hurts have made us so afraid,
We'd rather be lonely than to take that chance again.

I wish I could tell you how I really feel inside.
That I'd be willing to take that chance
To be more than just your friend.
I know you sense this, as I do,
but it's easier to pretend.
Saying it would make it real
and you'd run away and hide from me.

So I'll try and keep the flood gates closed
and be content that you let me be,
Just your friend.

A really old poem I wrote!
See you around. 
Tener cuidado! :*

P.S. I just happened to come across this picture on Tumblr, and I thought it was mind-numbingly pretty!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Just A Few Things.

Those few things that make your morning
That random kiss from your lover
That lover waiting at your bedside with tea
That lover's innocent sweet nothings
That sweet nothings that compel you to abscond
That feeling to abscond the world with him
 That world in which you'll be stepping out with him
That stepping out that separates you two in daylight
That daylight which makes his eyes glow a green
That gleaming green that  make you want to rush back
That wild idea of rushing back that makes you both laugh
 That laughing at the end of which you both kiss a goodbye
That goodbye that makes you yearn all day long
That familiar traffic police who's a hello-friend now
That parking guy who's cakes you love
That absent receptionist's smile you miss
That little cubicle you decorated so heartedly
That picture of his you clicked on the first vacation
That first vacation where he made you the shell necklace
That shell necklace you play with while thinking of him
Just those few things that make your morning.

Those few things that make your afternoon
That single friend who comes up for lunch
That lunch through which she makes you gossip
That gossip when she tells she's found someone,  again!
That someone's story which reminds you of him
That sudden remembrance of your first meeting
That little laugh on his clumsiness you adore
That questioning look of your friend
That precipitous text message from him
That deja vu moment you feel after reading it
That compelling promise from him to be home early
That getting back to cubicle
That wavering concentration after that text
That pleasing idea to surprise him
That puppy face to the boss to leave early
That confirming smile from your boss
Just those few things that make your afternoon

Those few things that make your evening
That usual cashier at the supermarket
That cashing of prenatal vitamins when you smile
That quail looking at which you get silly ideas
That driving back route at evening you love
That opening the house to an earthiness
That excitement on cooking his favourite dish
That frustration over the oven's false temperature
That headlight hint in the garage
That puzzling thought of him being early
That thought of not undoing his surprise
That click of the door increasing your heartbeat
That instant smell of flowers which make you smile
That look of him standing in the kitchen staring you
That false suprised look on your face he caught
That puzzled look on his face after checking the pre natals
That affirming smile of yours that puts him into a fit of joy
That old wine you extract you bought on holiday together
That favourite classic you play
That scented candles you light up
That table you set with his favourite dish
That quick kiss and pull he keeps giving all day long
That evening wind which combs his ruffled hair
That chicken which breaks with just a touch of the fork
That soft chicken which made him fall in love with you
That gleaming look in his eyes you fell for
That pop sound of the wine opening
That generous offer to do the dishes
That thought of leaving them for the night
That same guy you met years ago
That same guy tucking you in like a child
That same guy who still sends chills thorugh your spine
That same guy who's kissed you goodnights for years
The same guy who's made your days for years
Just those few things that make your evening.

Missing a lot of little happinesses in life, eh?
Missed, missed, missed you guys!

Be around sooner than before. 
Tener cuidado. :*