Sunday, 23 September 2012

Let There Be Awesomeness! (Y)

Okayyyyyyyyyyy! So wasn't really expecting this one, but boom! Yeah it pretty much hit me like that! I won the "Versatile Blogger Award", and have been tagged also! 

And a lot lot lot lot lot of love to Ajay! Thanks man. You're a true booster! =D

a) Done!

b) Seven random facts about myself

  1. I hate Shahrukh Khan. Like hate hate hate hate him.
  2. I feel like a bonded labour since college started.
  3. I got inked again! Awesome much? =D
  4. I had my fresher's last night, and I was SO tired that I don't remember half the things.
  5. I FINALLY have a DSLR. 550D, bitches! 
  6. I'm apparently more lonely right now than I've ever been.
  7. Ummmm, I don't know! Can't think of anything else! :/



  1. To be happy, and not lonely for once.
  2. My parents.
  3. Last thing would be to go to Marine Drive and feel the winds.
  4. Working. Working, working, and working. (What else do you expect from architects?)
  5. Myself, actually. Had I been a different person, I probably wouldn't have made the mistakes I did!
  6. I'm not telling you that!
  7. Last person? There should be someone? I won't even be able to reproduce our species.
  8. My mother.
  9. 8.5! =)
  10. It's pretty relative. And that's a good thing!

d) Random questions for nominated bloggers:
  1. If you had a pig, what would you name it?
  2. How do you exert most energy? =P
  3. What do you think would happen if your dog ate your sunscreen?
  4. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?
  5. Do prison buses have emergency exits?
  6. Why can't doughnuts be square?
  7. Are children who acted in rated R movies allowed to see them?
  8. Does a postman deliver his own mail?
  9. Why are the shoe sizes different for a man and a woman of the same height?
  10. Okay, can't get anymore crazier. Review my blog. =P

e) People I nominate.

I guess that's all. For now.
See you around.
Tener cuidado! :*


  1. Well, you rightfully deserve it.
    Congratulations. :)

    And Canon 550D. Great. Happy Clicking. So, I got myself into a competition, I guess. :P

    Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm just a beginner!

    2. So am I.
      But mine is 1100D, your's is still a little advanced. :/

  2. Congrats Akanksha :) Loved knowing more about you through the tag!


  3. Thanks Sharma and congratulations to you. I find the questions hilarious enough to move my lazy ass and answer them sometime. =P

    1. You're welcome! Answer them! I want to know your response! =D

  4. Heyyyy youu. Firstly, congratulations! Wooots woots wooots :)
    And thaaaaaankyou for the award, hey. Much kind, I say :)


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