Monday, 26 March 2012

The Chronicles of April Levesque...

Hola compañeros!

So I was just sitting and spinning up this story in my mind, which suddenly struck out of nowhere while I was idly enjoying the cool breeze as I was ridden of the horrid tension of Board Examinations.I haven't thought of what might happen ahead in the story. I'm just writing it out whatever had come into my mind at that point of time.

Looking out in the obscurity of the night, she slowly walked like a cat clutching the opaque encumbrance of her latest consignment. She sluggishly bordered her black tinted Porsche Carrera GT. She gently laid the cadaver inside the car, taking care to not allow even a drop of blood to ruin the expensive black coverings. Her wagon was the sole thing she was covetous of. She piloted her car all the way to the headquarters, as usual, to abdicate the body over to the forensic department.

She led her sleek, tall frame towards the Chief's cabin, as she always did to let him grasp the knowledge of her existence. "So, Kiddo. I realize that you concluded your hundredth and most difficult till date assignment with all the finesse that was bestowed upon you with your training. I'm proud of you, Kiddo.", he always called her that. She knew him since she was seven years of age, when he brought to her the hearsay of her father's death.Oh, how she had wept and mourned over his death. He had augmented her till she was eligible to join the agency. Chief had envisaged the skills of her father inside her. She was like him in many manners. Alike him, she was quick, clean and had the to-death identical upright pride. It at times exasperated her to hear that KIDDO all the time. She was 40 years old for the love of God! But somehow she refrained from agreeing to the fact that this was her most exacting case till date. Although she knew it had been tough for her to get through Gen. Richard Jack's tight and highly equipped minders with all the weapons on her. But all the world's thank you to Gen. Richard's outlandish amity for hookers and sex, it had not been tough for her to barge into his office and get the work done. She thought that he was alive only on oxygen and sex. But then no one could even blame him. She was the most ecstatic and serene contraption anyone could set their eyes upon. Even without the simplest forms of make-up, she was much more exquisite than the rated women in the world. Killing the General had given her utter carnality, for she knew he had been the man to kill her father. He had smuggled in the terrorists inside the country, the weapons; he had his hand in every illicit endeavour, from drugs to prostitution to stealing the oil from Iranian regions. His death had been necessary not only for the government or her agency, but for her too. But somehow, she couldn't come to terms to agree with Chief. This wasn't her toughest consignment till date.

April Levesque, 38 years old, works at the Computers Inc., lives alone, parents died in a car crash, a plain Jane. That was her fake self for the world. Only she, Chief and he had known who she really was. He! He had been the biggest mistake of all. It was her eightieth case. And that's where it all had began...

To be continued.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.


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