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Spin-A-Yarn.[The Introduction]- The Journals VII.

Hola compañeros!

So companeros, this is the seventh installment of Ruhani's first story of Spin-A-Yarn
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Source: Ashzzes Blog

Ah! I can see him open his old eyes! I see him interlocking them with her yet forever young eyes.

It was all so unencumbered. Every spectator that could possibly have subsisted to recite the saga of our ardor. I could see now that the reason it had hurt him so much was because our souls were connected. The journal had been the sole nexus between us. 

My soul, fortunately, had an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter. His journal was the main ingredient filling up the massive void that we had sandwiched. Every leaf, every volume of his journal that I read each night, had a soul. His soul, who wrote it and my soul which read it, lived and dreamed with it. Each time I variate with the folio, every time I ran my eyes down its pages, my spirit grew and strengthened. Rummaging in my soul, I often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed. 

An inordinate length of time went by since I surrendered to his touch, his love. It would be tonight. I'll be with him once more. For years I've been descending into his capacity to wake him up. To let him witness that never did I legate him. I was here. All along. Watching him. Haha! He still sleeps with his socks on. He looks antiqued and fatigued. He's exhausted. I can see how long he had been yearning for his only mate. But now I'm here. I think he deserves something beautiful. There are heaps of cracks in his heart, but now that's how my light is going to be inside of him. I've a history of making decision about him very quickly. I had fallen in love with him fast and without measuring the risks. I've fallen in love more times with the highest potential of this man than I care to count. 

And now I'm here. I love him. I don't care if he needs to stay up all night long crying. I'll stay with him. There's nothing I can ever do to lose him again. I'll protect him, till he dies and I'll still protect him after his death. His indent and melancholy crafted him old. But I'm stronger than them, I'll never be exhausted. And now that we're together.......

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See you fellas.
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  1. HEY! Nice blog :) And thank you for following me :) Btw, your background picture, you know the one with the paper lanterns? Where are they from?

  2. Thank you so much. Your blog too is amazing. When you go to template designer you'd find it in the background column under celebrations. =)

  3. OH. No I meant, I thought it was your picture, and you clicked it someplace. :)

  4. Well done Akanksha :)

    PS : Don't forget part 5, somebody include that in story as well. What I wanted to write was - she is long dead and that's why he is playing her part as well.

    1. Thank you NG. I know but in the sixth part Ashzzes talked of her soul so I thought of picking up the woman's perspective(the soul). No one wrote it and it got me tempted. =)

  5. whoa akansha!!! sweeeettt!!!!
    the soul's perspective was a good thought! :D:D

  6. Thank you.
    You've an interesting blog there.


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