Friday, 23 March 2012

That's Enough Now..!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola compañeros!

So apparently it's my math Board tomorrow, after which I'd probably be like a free bird willing to fly up, up and away. I already am getting confused as to what should I be doing with the free time. Well, not free days as such. My entrance classes would be starting from 27th. What a shame! :-/
So all I really have by myself is the weekend. I mean seriously man! Four months you isolate yourself from the world in that tiny 24*7 lit corner of your room, glue your ass and slog it for what? Just one free weekend? Blah! Some of my friends have already ridden themselves of the terror of not having a teeny-weeny vacation. I'd be tormented yet again come next week. I sometimes really envy these commerce chaps. Idjits, this CBSE is.

But tomorrow, at 1:30pm, as the bell would ring and the scripts would be lifted up, I would breathe again and the exams can go to hell for all I care. Well you might want to listen to these amazing amazing tracks by UB40.
"Can't help falling in love"

"Tell me it's true"

See you fellas. Tomorrow, most positively.
Till then tener cuidado.


  1. Damn, I dunno why I thought they were starting from the 28th! :( But well, I am sort of really excited for them! =D

    1. I know bro. I'm too. Pure math and sketching!
      Oh and yes! Before I forget, let me know if you can't accumulate the equipment. There's this a painter's dream shop in LP. You'll get it all there.


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