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When Oops Became An Understatement - Part IV

Hola compañeros!

And so physics was pathetic, next is chemistry, it's easy, and instead of studying that, I'm merrily giving away my time to me dear blog. And so as I promised my fellow blogger Diwita to take a blog-post she initiated ahead. And so this is the sequel to the previous post here and the first two parts here and here on Diwita's blog.

And the curtains were raised, an enormous inundation of corsage along the red carpet as Westland High welcomed their senior class for their outgoing ceremony. The sun couldn't have shone brighter in that January morning. There was something euphoric about that morning. Rehan's eyes peered through every feminine visage as he rummaged for Sahana. He would get rid of the uneasiness today itself; he was determined. A placid zephyr swept through his perfectly congealed hair like he was swayed to heaven, like Sahana caught him from behind. Rehan turned around. Dumbstruck. Dumbfound. Dumbass. He felt every colloquial adjective for himself containing anything related to dumbness as he finally witnessed Sahana walking down the steps of the auditorium. A simple red tinted Saree circled around her petite personage, big danglers, high heels - obviously, she looked tall. And her tresses, straight and golden as ever, swept on one side and the other left behind to caress her almost unclothed back. It irritated Rehan to see that bare back. Of course, guys couldn't take their eyes off her.

She felt like a weak girl being eve-teased by roadside Romeo and feels respite when her hero comes to save her and single handedly bashes up the bad boys - that's how stupid she felt on seeing Rehan. God, he was beautiful. He looked more of gent than any guy present in her vicinity, even with those long, messy, unsettled tresses. That was the best part of him.

Photography time! Finally! Pictures, pictures and some more pictures and then some more and.... *memory full*
She was still left to be clicked with Rehan. She glanced around only to envisage that he was walking towards her with a mile long grin. He came, she talked. He talked, she listened. She smiled, he clicked. He smiled, they posed. These wer their best pictures ever!

"I need to speak to you", Rehan finally blurted. "About?", asked Sahana, always inquisitive even about the smallest of the posse. "I think we should.." "Hey guys!", Sia interrupted.
Rehan quietly withdrew himself from the spot. 
Sahana - Sia, you look soo pretty!
Sia- Thanks, babes. You don't look any less beautiful. I can see all the chaps crunching on you.
Sahana - Anyways Sia. A year and a half with Rehan tomorrow aye? I'm just so excited for you both! *it cracks her up to say this*
Sia - A year and a half? With Rehan? Sahana, haven't you and Rehan been talking for long? Is everything alright?
Sahana - What do you mean? *confused*
Sia - Rehan and I never even completed a year of togetherness Sahana. We broke up only six months after the time we started dating. But how come you don't know any of this? Did he hurt you? Tell me, I'll kick his ass.
Sahana - What?!!!!???!!! Then why didn't any of you tell everybody?
Sia - I told my friends. He told his. Everyone thought he must have conveyed the story to you. 
Sahana - Why am I being made the donkey here out of everyone?! This is so disappointing.
Sia - So he didn't tell you?
Sahana - Tell me what? *absolutely out of control*
Sia - He loves you Sahana. He's loved you a very long time. He realized this after being with me and then at the same time not being able to be with me. If you know what I mean. The entire school knows it babe. Haven't you been on Facebook or what? Haven't you seen his DP?

Sahana almost in tears. She scampered out of the grange. Leaping towards the washroom, someone holds her dramatically towards the band room. That had been the place where she'd spent maximum of her epoch through the years with Rehan here. It was their favorite bunking hideout. She looks around bewildered. It WAS Rehan himself to pull her. Of course, who else? She glared at him with mixed feelings. That dog. So he did know her well enough to administer to the fact that she won't just let any guy touch her. He respected her integrity, preserved it. Bawling, she ran into his open arms, holding him as compactly as possible. Rehan was happy to have control over that petite dignitary all over again. How well he knew the over-outspoken nature of Sia, confident that she'll blurt out the candor and make things easy for him. 
"Owww! What the hell? Now what was that sweet gesture for?", screeched Rehan, disturbed by that thunderous slap. "You deserve it. Why didn't you tell me? And you fucking told Sia first about it!", spoke the angry nature of her. "What else would I have done? You wouldn't have realized your own feelings anyhow otherwise.", defended Rehan. "I would have Rehan, I would have. I love you, I've loved you all along." 
It swelled Rehan's heart to hear that. 
"You know what baby? I'm not going to be asking you to date me, Sahana. All I want is time and your hand to hold on, while we traverse through the most beautiful moments for us to come. Just like you've always wished for." This filled her heart. She finally had what she wanted.
"Ahem Ahem! Are we allowed to interrupt?" And entered their entire comrade of friends smiling and happy to see the always-meant-to-be birds together. Sahana and Rehan hugged Sia, which she knew obviously meant a thank you to her.
Their friends were growing edgy with the prolonging 'pyaar bhare nagme'. 
"Okay, so can we depart now that you two have confessed your emotional states to each other. We have to get ready for the party people and even empty our camera memories for tonight. It's going to be such fun!" Aaahhh! Of course, everyone one knew the impulsive side of Sia. Sahana looks up to Rehan, deep in his eyes, reveling in the love for her which they emoted.
"Don't wear too short a dress for tonight, honey, will you? I can't fight with every guy, you see!" Sahana laughed at it. That's all, that was all Rehan had been yearning for.


This picture was so like them. The special ones. The ones intimately close to the heart. 
Finally, time to party and handover their charge to their juniors.
Of dresses, suits, stilettos and beer. 
Probably Oops WAS quite the understatement.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.


  1. mighty awesome. bt i have this hunch u can do so much better if u wud have genuinely felt before you had written.

  2. Thank you Raj. I'll see to the need.


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