Wednesday, 8 February 2012

El comienzo!

Hola compañeros!
So, first hand I'd ACTUALLY thank Ruhani.
It's been almost an year since I wanted to blog, but never did I gather enough energy to step out of my oh-so-dearest POOH BEAR blanket (you don't need to laugh on it). This little freak is strikingly inspiring at times; best part is that she remains unaware of it half the time! It's my first blog, so you'd rather want to pardon me for being silly or boring or any interesting adjective you'd like to impose onto me. 

For all of those growing confused about the Spanish post title, since I'm talking of the beginning of my blogs, thence, it clearly means 'THE BEGINNING'. No, I'm not a Spanish pro; my dad taught me a bit which he learnt during his MBA years.

I've always been taught of the significance of a 'beginning'. It's funny how people always talk of it in all ways they can't even comprehend. What I find funny is the fact of displaced mystery of an end. They say all good things come to an end; but then doesn't a beginning play into existence only after an end.

It's crazy how astrologers and scientists fight over the entire god-never or, and created-the universe. But who's even bothered?

Even if any one of them proves their fact, it's hardly going to be making the slightest of difference in anyone's life; and they'll be all happy-go-lucky winning some Nobel Prize for it! 

I'm always left clueless about not how the universe started, but what could have ended which ten brought our dear universe into existence? That's the most basest, yet THE most baseless question ever.

I needn't be bothered about this crap whatsoever. I've my board exams running towards me to crush me to the ground, battered and drown me into a pool whole of shit. But then everything comes to an end, don't they? They'll end too! And that's the time I'll go kick some ass (do not mind kick ass, jackass or any colloquial adjectives containing anything relating to an ass; I use a lot of them!) and have fun! That's all for now, fellas. I'll be back later with much more to talk about.

Till then, tener cuidado.
Mantener a patadas en el culo! (Keep kicking some ass =P)


  1. Why haven't I ever come across this? :O
    You've even mentioned me in here! =D Thanks Ma'am! :)

  2. Because you made me in a way start this!

  3. hey, just one suggestion, when you write a blog post, consider that the other person is reading, and the colors that you use arent really appealing to eyes, and so, nobody finishes the article..
    Cheers, keep up the good work


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