Sunday, 24 February 2013


Things have got way too crazy, and way out of control to be put together as one. I keep running only to reach back to square one. Running after the same thing in circles, I predicate. Old liaisons hurting, new bonds too brittle to make a mark. Everything fades into darkness. Everyone is as mean as it gets, as cunning as it gets, as selfish as it gets, and as two-faced as it gets. I want to lock myself up in a room, and never come out. I want to screech and hit at people who annoy the shit out of me. I want to kill people taking me for granted, and expecting me to be there only for their countable selfish motives. And I most surely want to beat the shit out of people who think they're too smart, too popular, too witty and too nice to be friends with, and carry the stench of dirty water all the while. Realisations and momentary happiness are no more of a sweet fruit. Bite me. And at times it feels that people close to you themselves try to push you into a cauldron full of bitterness. I want to throw things, shout at people, weep my heart out, eat loads of ice-cream, grow fat so that people stop noticing me and hurting me.   


  1. The world is filled with such people.
    People would continue to annoy us, make us angry, not only now but in times to come.

    But if we back out because of them, it will be us who would be losing, not them. While they will be happy back-stabbing,taking advantage of others and all; we will be crying in our room cursing them and plotting to do something bad to them for the hurt that they caused. Then again, if we do the same what they did to us, there would be no difference between them and us.

    So, its' better to don't care about them and just pull ourselves together and mind our own business.

    Just be yourself, No Matter What!. (Of course you will be. #JustSaying) And pretend as if those people never existed.
    If not now, somewhere down the road they could experience the same thing and they would be very sorry then.

    Anyways, Take Care. :) And Keep Writing.
    Btw not posting about that Confession thing these days? Too Busy?(I mean after the Trip)!

    P.S.: This comment may sound lame. But, it is just my opinion.

    1. True that. But then you also start having times when the annoyance compels you out of your wits and you start to act like a completely different person. Oh, trust me, it wasn't lame. It's at times essential to hear the obvious.

      The Confessions routine would be back, for sure. I have a lot of submissions on hold, plus there's my Fest and Open Day starting this Friday, which has me a bit occupied. But it'll be back for sure.
      And thank you. =)

    2. Oh. All the best for your Fest. :)

  2. Life throws harsh things your way only because you are strong enough for that. People take it on their head to annoy, irritate, poke their noses into others' personal issues, take others for granted. All these are there and will be there. IMHO, there is nothing that we can do to change this sad scenario. The only thing we can do is to hold tight and be ourselves despite whatever comes. I hope you have enough strength for that.

    Whatever it is, this too shall pass! Hang in there buddy, for tough times so not last, but tough people do. You might know all of these already. Just hoping that you will feel better knowing that we are there for you.

    Loads of hugs!Take care!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. I wish I had the license to kill. I would have definitely stuck a bullet in at least ten peoples' mouth.
      I'm waiting for it to pass. You bet, I'm tough! =D
      Hugs to you too.
      Thank you. =)

  3. Hey,
    I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded "Creative Blogger Award".

    The Shaded Shadows™!!!
    (Please follow this link for more details.)

    Take Care and Keep Writing.
    Cheers. :D

    - Ajay Kontham


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