Sunday, 17 February 2013

Trippy Trippy Trap.

Okay! I is back. And the trip be awesome! 
It was crazy, and random, and nice. Yeah, these are our signatures now. Lots of work, pretty random shit, serious shit, cute shit, Akanksha-has-turned-into-a-girl shit, and etceteras shit. AND loads of FOOD. Good Gujarati food. Loads to update, loads to share. And yessss! I'll be back with the Confessions routine in a few days.  Things are shitty. I have a half fractured leg almost healed, a wounded right hand, and loads of work till the end of the next month. Too much happiness, eh? Doesn't matter. The trip gave me s much singular happiness that it'll run for life. Well until the next year's trip. It's normal to feel out of place once your shell breaks. Of course, you wouldn't expect a butterfly to befriend a bee. But then they both wander over flowers. You can always adjust. You should be enough for yourself. Stick to what you've chosen. Stick to your decision. Stick to yourself. Don't listen if you think it's shit. Head on. Do the do.

Some pictures from the trip. Others will be up soon too.
See you around, companèros.

Lazy, and hurting, and craving for red velvet cake,


  1. Did you know your nose is like that of a parrot's beak?

    1. Haha. No. Mine doesn't. The one's whose nose resembles a parrot beak is my friend, not me. Picture 2 is me, and picture 11 is that friend.

  2. My favorite is the one with the bubbles :) Welcome back!!!



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