Sunday, 1 December 2013


Trying to make sense of it all,
How really were eternities in a moment,
Walking down the freezing night,
Smelling December in the wind, 
The fallen leaves ask,
The dimming moon doubts,
With everything around questionable,
Yet unanswered,
Fighting the cold, 
Stuffing your hands in the years old jacket,
Lathered in dust, 
And that's how you've liked it, just because,
You feel a crunch,
You hold on tight to it,
And tighter to your heart,
Maybe, just maybe, you know what it is,
You hope for it,
You've been looking for it ever since, again just because,
You take it out, glare at it, turn it around,
And feel the familiarity of the words warming through you,
And you crunch it along the same folds,
And put it back,
You know now, where your survival trick lies,
You know now, felt it again,
Eternities in a moment.

By Tom French



  1. sometimes in breaking you find yourself. sometimes in the remaking. and then again sometimes in breaking in the exact same way you realize, it is a chance to remake yourself again. so you tediously do it just because you love watching yourself break again. and so it goes and the world breaks till one day, the moment it comes at you, its the one that breaks. right then, you know for fact you have made it. but as of now, lets just remain broken. lets just remain shaking!

    1. It is funny when we have somebody holding us together with a thread for our own good, we keep tending to try breaking free thinking we're trapped. And once we snap out of it, we realise we threw the person with the thread away as well.


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