Monday, 30 December 2013

Allegory of Defeat

"But they never warned me",
You retaliated,
Your voices screeched, your heart breached,
You wriggle and slither,
Skulk and scuttle, 
You prostrate yourself, just to hold on to it,
Like a man edging on the valley, 
Rasping, and scraping to live,
With each hope fracturing,
Every dream fragmented,
You still endure to tussle and brawl,
"Help me", you plead,
"Save me", you weep,
And she simply laughed, "Why, but?"
Lightly seizing the end of her robe,
From your those once strong hands,
Now frantic, deplorable, wretched,
You mislay her,
And there he was, 
Hiding under the heavy embroidery of the drapes,
Smiling, laughing, reminiscing,
Think of it, of the alerts,
He did warn you,
"I'm Greed, I'll take what I give."
And he stood behind the curtain, still,
Belting yet another name off the list.

I just breathed.

So long, 

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