Monday, 9 April 2012

The Chronicles of April Levesque...II

Hola compañeros!

Alrighty then! This finally is the second instalment to a story that I started The Chronicles of April Levesque. So here it goes.

Driving back in her Carrera GT to her domicile. She ruminated that she would get a good night sleep after the longest possible time. Her work had never granted her a minute's respite from her mundane regime of her alter ego. April Levesque. She somehow was fond of the name. Chief always made sure to allot realistic self to each of his undercover proxy. After all so much for leading a fake, real lifestyle. She entered her penthouse. People had been dodgy about the kind of affluences they'd settled for their dear daughter in their will. Turning on the lights, she was exposed to the large void of a living room. She'd coveted to design it to the minimal. The monochromatic contemporary look of the house compelled people to question the fortune which might have been spent on it. As much comical this thought had been, she knew it had hardly cost even a small chunk of her savings. It was all about the choosing the right option. She bombarded her body with a splash of frosty water from the sprinkler. Cold water always worked wonders for her. She desiccated her damp locks, pulled out a night cream from the upper ledge and generously applied it across her oval visage and slender neck. She was pretty austere with each of her regimes. Maybe that's why people had a big-time dilemma believing that she was 38 years old. Entering her lavish kitchen, she opened up her fridge to hunt for some marinated meat, peppered it with a hint of olive oil and  exhorted it into the pre-heated oven- another reason why she was always fit. 

Settling herself onto her stratum, she induced her still cold body with the blanket and tried nodding off, but in vain. She'd been struggling to keep him at a distance from her mind since the moment Chief uttered about today being her toughest case. The Chief had been generous enough to give away a month's candour to her. She wasn't used to such elongated discontinuity from her work. And to top it up with more boredom, he booked her for a vacation in Innsbruck and Wels.Wels, the mere thought of it disrupted her peace of mind, sending frisson all through her body. That's exactly where her eightieth consignment was. That's when she'd met Him, and wafted an invitation to her real identity's revelation. It's a small town. He would easily sniff her out. Will she go? Would she ever admit to have once, and only once made a mistake in her life? That she was a vivacious patina flowing with the wind, when she'd met her?

To be continued.

See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.

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