Saturday, 21 April 2012

It. Can. Only. Be. You.

Amarillo todas las....

Alrighty then! So I was simply conjuring up the fact that after I wrote for all the women in my life here, it'd be pretty unfair for me to leave out the men! No, I'm not listing them altogether. It'll be a one-one affair, companeros! Yeah, go on crying about not being able to celebrate any internationally recognised Men Day! Seriously, so much for the male chauvinistic attitude of your ancestors. Had we been treated a little more nicely, you would have been christened to the "Abla Mard" today.

And today's all the love goes to....*drumrolls*
Aabhaas Anand.
Ain't he just beautiful?!!? 

We started out as mere fifth and seventh graders who started knowing each other during some dance practices on the terrace of a mutual friend. And what can you really expect from kids our age then! The conventional leg-pulling spree (Psst, I was the dominant one.)
And one event led to another, one secret into another, a level of friendship to another deeper one, one fight to another. And we probably like any kids, literally barred each other. It seemed like a pretty sensible thing to do back then! Only if I knew what he would turn out to mean for me! 
It's him! Oh yes, he was this cute at some time!

January, 2010
"Are you eating this, or not?" "Akanksha, I just had lunch re. I'll explode if I eat any further.""Fine then, don't even ask for a bite of anything in the future." "Nautanki saali. La plate de!"
Little did I know that this conversation would lead into another and strengthen our bond like never before. And what more, we excel more than anyone as far as treating each other as best friends is concerned. 
It's us!!! Cute, no?

We'd misunderstood each other N number of times, tried hooking up each other with someone or the other, approvals of the other girl/guy being a nice person to be friends with, tried whooping the hell out the person's ass who thought of destructing the other, saved each other's ass on occasions. There's nothing we haven't done. There's nothing I haven't shared with him - from my friends to guys to my secret love for novel to my paintings to my guitar to even my fucking PMS! 
I still remember the first time he came up to me and told me that he's made this song which he desperately wanted me to listen. And then another and another and another.
An innocent thought struck me as to why was I being the first person most of the time to listen to all his rough cuts. And bang! Came the innocent reply, "You only smile when you hear them! It reminds me of Mom." I couldn't help myself but see how saturated his eyes grew at the answer and I ended up crying myself and hugging him anyway! 
Contrary to popular belief, he and not I, is the classic nautanki!

A self made man. He's killing every fibre in his body to realise Mom's dream. Never for a second does he allow her love instilled in him be altered. He has her courage, her strength, her bravery, her determination, her heart. 
Mom raised him well. He knows how to love everybody. But you still don't want to mess with him. 
I was so proud of him! 

He's the reason I believe in a guy-girl-friendship-not-necessarily-turns-into-love notion. The reason I'm at my random best. The reason I try cooking up something new every time I hit the kitchen. The reason I gorge on so much of food. The reason I'm compelled to believe even on my lowest days, that no matter what, he'll love me and be there irrespective of what I might turn into. 
Hadn't he showered all those surprises, I literally would have murdered him the other day.

Not many a times you see people coming to your place, gossiping with your Mom about you, calls your parents his parents while you do the same, barge into your room and exploit your cushions to the maximum, ruin your bed, throw away your books, take out your camera and demand you to dress up to go have dinner with them.
And talk of drinking together! 

And one fine day, he came up to me telling me that he's into this underground crew then known as the 'Lords of Streets'. I couldn't help but plunge myself onto him. I thought that never will he make me so proud again. But he proved me wrong again when I saw him performing at a cafe for the first time on Christmas! And now, nearly half the city knows him as A-Bazz (his stage name). 

He's my one-friend-family, my confidante, my saviour, my shining armour. 
You can find him at 
1) Reverbnation
2) Facebook and here too.

I won't be talking much about him today. His birthday will be up in a few months time so I apparently have to save the best for D-Day. I know you still won't go to Facebook and check the notification, and of course, you're mean. But I still love you from the deepest and bottom-most and the darkest core of my heart.
I love you, Doodieman.

Follows his first official video. I love this song and it's my personal favourite.

Aabhaas Anand a.k.a Doodieman, you're treasured, my boy. You know that! Why do I even bother telling you over and over! And go check Facebook, for Christ's sake! :*

See you fellas. I'll be back with more to share.
Till then, tener cuidado.
P.S. Please let me know some Dubstep artists, will you? I'm bored of listening to the conventional ones, and feel too lazy to search for the new ones!


  1. This is SO cute! :)
    And your friend is really talented :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      Oh yes,he's. And he absolutely makes me proud! =D

  2. Wait, is he the A bazz of Zara Tasveer se tu??
    I just love that of the song!

    1. Yes, he is.
      I know. He writes his songs with much intent. =)

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