Monday, 23 April 2012


Not really a Hola mood, companeros!

It's getting claustrophobic-ally disgusting for me to see the people whom I apparently considered "friends", let alone ignoring, disowning me for reasons they should probably have stayed out of. Or even if they didn't, for the sake of being "good friends" with the other person, they maybe forgot that any alliance is a two-way system, considering the other one too is human. Whatever happened to learning to listen to the other side of the story. Well just because I'm reputed to be the silent, "cocky bitch", doesn't mean I wouldn't be wanting to let the frustration of my side out! As much it doesn't hurt regarding the person who  rechristened me to be the "cocky bitch", it hurts that the people whom I REALLY loved from the deepest core of my heart, didn't even for once bother asking me at least about MY side of the mishaps. "I did this! You did that! I did that! You did this!"
I mean, really? Well, forget it! What's the point of even asking!
Actually, what the funny part turns out to be is that even after listening that a person has called to apparently sincerely apologize, you call her the cocky bitch, tell her that your memories of her disgust you? Why the fuck were you even hanging on in the first place if you were god damn having so much of issues with her?! You should have slapped her and walked over, then and there. Because newsflash sweetheart! Hanging around in bad times gives false hopes to the opposite person. Oh and yeah! The next time you think of sharing anything, mind you, ANYTHING with my girlfriends again, think twice! Because sweetheart, they've been aside me since TEN years. You haven't even known them for even six months. Not that we gossiped! That's something girls do, not me! I mean, really! 
First time somebody gives up on you in life, and you go bonkers. Love isn't when you're all up for avenging the other person, when they're no more with you. Love is keeping that person alive within yourself! And trying to exploit a girl's body, or maybe do it just for the sake of your perverted intercourse (oh, it's alright, everyone has it!), isn't the way to avenge anything. You might want to learn to take rejections frequently, well 'cause you'll be having a lot of them in your life ahead.
So I sincerely hope that you stay out of my life, out of my friends' life and loosen up your interest a bit in who can probably be the next "chuchcha" in my life; because honey, it certainly ain't your business! It still hurts me to see the supposed friends I made the way they're, and I've absolutely NO clue what you told them as to they couldn't even bother asking me once, but you know what? You're wrong. You're wrong about me losing out on my friends in the process of being the "kewl" one. My friends are by my side! And they know me, trust me, and for all you care, listen to me!
Oh, and yeah! Just a little pointer! Just remember that I always, always have the passwords to my best friend's account, so you might want to trust your own group the next time you feel like bitching or ranting about me!
Oh! And, you might want to drop off that I'm-being-purely-sweet-to-you fake attitude; sweetheart, it's visible!

I'm sorry for the gloomy post there companeros! But I had to take it out in some way, because I hell won't say it on that person's face knowing that it fucking doesn't make a difference to it, and being the silent, "cocky bitch" I'm, I've to be true to my nature! On second thoughts, if it ain't bothering that human, why is he even trying to harm me?!!? Seriously!

I'll see you around fellas!
Tener cuidado.


  1. I'm not trying to be rude but it's really really hard your posts because of the font.
    Can you please do someth'n bout that?
    Thanks and sorry if I was rude. :/

    P.S: Loved the post!

    1. Oh no you weren't! I've been wanting to change it since long but am unable to explore new fonts due to time constraints.
      Thank you. =)

  2. kickass post. :)

    and dont worry about people, the ones meant to be around will always be and the ones that are not will never be regardless of everything.

    1. Thank you Raj.
      Yes, I know. I've stopped being bothered. =)

  3. That was quite a post.

    You haven't seen my posts though, I totally write the same way and get the worse part of me in downsizing them.

    And having good friends is good but back-stabbers? who pretend to be nice in front and then get all ugly. Its' not at all good.

    Hope you are fine now? (with all the anger flushed out).
    Take Care. :)

    1. Wasn't it!
      No I do. And I know exactly what you mean.
      No more bothering over the wrong people, mate. All of that is history.
      Oh absolutely! You can't imagine the relief I felt on hitting the 'Publish Post' button.

  4. Itna gussa 0.O
    Kos badnaseeb hai
    Jisne tujhse panga le liya...
    Mjhe to taras aa rha hai bechare pe

    1. Will tell you!
      And stop considering everyone except me unfortunate!

    2. You are not unfortunate
      You have a freind like me!
      Kitni khush-naseeb hai yaar tu ;)

      Chal ab zyada gussa mat kr
      Kahin ghoom phir ke aa :)


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