That Night.....

Hola compañeros!

Phew! THAT was now quite a long span for missing writing! And no, this isn't the second instalment to my last post. It's a part of BluBluBling's Awesome April. She's posted the following picture as an inspiration for today's post. 

That night. The water manipulated with her skin. Oh yes, it most certainly did! The sensation of the ice-cold water on the piquant ground made her feet linger with a tickle. All her life she'd been awaiting this moment. It seemed to her another era altogether. The obscurity of the night grew. She felt something under her feet. She just couldn't put her finger on what. She was eager to stay on the blistering ground which was laboriously fraternizing its own  heat as soon as the droplets started to fall on it like a flower of blessing. On this first night of the liberty she felt, the weather couldn't have been more reassuring than she'd anticipated it to be.

"She would never walk again", "Her legs are beyond fixation.", "It's a rare disease. I don't suppose you should be wasting you time or mine!" , "Please don't bother, she won't ever be able to do anything." There was no one in totality who might have held any sort of conviction in her, if not in the proficiency of the books weighing equivalent to themselves. She was exasperated of hearing it all her life. 'Polio Pig' was how the other children had addressed her around. It deprived her even of the much justified air she craved. She'd been jailed to her room for a delinquency she hadn't committed. She'd felt more of a felon in her own abode. She wanted to traverse through the weeds of happiness, envisage what it is to be unconstrained and autonomous. She had fret the fear of not being able dwell in a world which fulfilled themselves of nothing but false hopes and baseless conjecture. It was exceedingly uproarious, facetious and waggish to her when her Social Sciences teacher had talked of revolt, liberty, enthusiasm, respect and pride. She failed outstandingly each time whenever she'd hoped of acknowledging a soul who'd at the minimal knew the core sense of it. 

Her father had agitated a great deal for installing the cylindrical metals all across her haven. She'd kept a tight rein on everyone who'd made the feeblest of attempts to enter her den. She'd collapsed. Numerous times. Her unshapely crippled legs had steered the animal inside of her. She never stopped. Or rested. All she wanted was to prove to the doctors, who seemed to had unanimously decreed write her fate - a wrong fate, that their dear old colossal folios were unsuccessful of incorporating in them the inclination of hope.

She has scars. A lot of them. She proudly says if anyone asks about them, "My courage gave them to me!"
Her old folks could never have ensured a more courageous kid. She could do everything now. There was nothing that she'd put her hands on, and later back off. 
The dawn was all set to shine upon her.A slight curve occurred to her countenance, which had turned now into an ecstatic visage. And the globules surely tickled her soul. It made her feel alive. Even the acreage now had grown frosty with the water. If a few years back anyone would have asked her to define vanity, she'd be inept to it. But now, she can.

So that's all for now, companeros! I'll be back with either another Awesome April post or with the second instalment of 'The Chronicles Of April Levesque'
See you fellas.
Till then, tener cuidado.


  1. nice legs :D

    thats beautiful really. begininnging at the enunciation of the truth to the trickle of hope and courage.

    1. Thank you Raj!
      It was sort of fun, writing a piece in present-past-present flashback sequences. The picture took me at the first look. =)

  2. thats awesome. writing always is fun. if i wasn't work addicted i would probably have continued my writing as well.

  3. Well-written. Personal and emotional but nice. I'll participate in 'Awesome April' too. Maybe not as regularly as you guys are doing but at least once in a week.:-)

    1. Thank you Soumi.
      Yes, it's a personal post. Held my nerve and wrote it in the very first place.
      Oh, surely you should. =)

  4. Thumbs up! Awesome interpretation.. :-) Following u up now..

    1. Thank you Sudeshna! I liked your post too. Very substantial.


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