Thursday, 5 April 2012

Till Death Do Us Apart.

Hola compañeros!

Again a part of BluBluBling's Awesome April. 

She had been devastated when the news of her grandparents' car crash had reached her. Even holding herself together throughout the funeral had been like the dawning of apocalypse upon her. After all, they were all she had, when her parents walked out on her when she was only two. She'd always been inquisitive about Grandma's diary. She always noticed a smile on her face, whenever she saw her filling its pages up. She randomly opened up a date when she had written about their sixty-fifth anniversary. She couldn't help herself and, 

February 14, 2012...
And then I heard a hullabaloo. My anaemic, archaic eyes rummaged for the clock on the wall exactly to my right. I couldn't find my monocle, and I strived to presume the time with my handicapped eyes. The baby of it was walking somewhere between two or three. Ah! It was the usual time for Henry to have rats rioting in his already-stuffed-with-dinner stomach. It's usually at these moments that he tries digging into a pool whole of desserts and chocolates. But it's all fine! As long as he attends to his daily regimes, he won't be under the risk of paying the hospital for their bed, for having gobbled just one extra crystal of sugar. The doctor had assured me too. I looked out towards the ostentatious piece of crystal to my left into the brunette of the night. The rain always made me euphoric. Henry and I had seen this chattel some thirty years ago. It had a peculiar equanimity, with the sunlight hiding behind its insignia giving it an ashen aura. It's so facetious that he always dredges up to buy me anything before our anniversary, but fails to wish for the same. He had even forgotten our fiftieth. Henry be-quested me with this house fifteen years back. I dwindled to understand the source from which he'd sponsored for it. All I could remember was we'd spent all the savings on Ted's and Jane's education. It had been then that it had been brought to my knowledge that he had initiated this secret savings for me right from our wedding day. I had my eyes saturated at that point. Reverting my attention from the brunette night back to the noise in the kitchen, it just wasn't coming to a halt. I wondered what was he up to? The clattering stopped. Relieved he would come back to warm me in the bed, I suddenly saw his candle-lit face through the flap of our room. He still pertained the look of a Greek God, the same when I first met him. A cake! I mean, a cake? 
"Happy anniversary, my love." Tears filled the cups of my lids. Never in these ages had he remembered to wish. "We're sixty five years of age now. Can you realise how old we're now?" And with that, he placed a platinum halo on my finger. He took me back in 1947, to The Rendezvous, where he'd pretty much proposed to me in an identical fashion. Oh, how he makes me feel all over young and regressive again. He makes me live the same old days, by everything he does. I was his flame, he had confessed to me, and he loved melting into me with each chunk of him that I incinerated. He makes me believe in fantasies again like I'm a schoolgirl. He makes me question the existence of such boundless exhilaration I experience with each passing second with him.

Jane smiled into nothingness, while still holding the leather chunk in her ricketing hands. She held the memoir close to her heart, and wept her heart out. She was happy for them. Alas, they were true to their vows. They loved each other till death did them part.

See you fellas. 
Till then, tener cuidado.


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