Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Go As Of Now....

Amarillo todas las..!!!!!!!!

¿Qué está cocinando?
Yet another part of Ruhani's Mindblowing May. 

 Don't aloof me as of yet
I'm somewhere I elude the trajectory of epoch
I'm now as consistent as you were
When these enervated hands were pungently stalwart
Supposing it to be around thirty years outmoded
When I seized the first floret of the tree I planted
And spring turned out to be domineering to the rest
But listen, I need a hand to grasp 
The realization of still being alive
Is the last doze my physician couldn't offer
Don't go as of now,
Is it too much to ask for?

Your once soft palpable exterior 
Doesn't let my perished coat stand the fortune of divergence
Your playful eyes emoted much more
Than ever can my archaic sense 
My frailing voice would be the last thing
You'd wish to be attentive to
but wait, you've your mother's patience
How else do you conjure up your co-existence with me?
I'm living to see you bore your own shrub
It's the last hope my physician couldn't offer
Don't give up on me now
Is it too much to expect for?

These bespectacled perception 
Only kill time to discern the fruit my flower would turn into
Don't arch the boundaries of your distinction already
The sensitive streak of your mother
I ruminate is absorbed in the honour I taught
But it's alright
Till you let me still water my plants
A firm hand is the solution to my feeble attempts
I want you to carry me 
When I cross the verge to another lifetime
It's the last desire my physician couldn't offer
You won't abandon me, would you?
Or even is this too much to envisage upon?

That's all for now, companeros. I'll see you around.
Tener cuidado! :*

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