Tuesday, 1 May 2012

And The Laughter Queen Climbs Yet Another Step..!!! =D


So apparently, a wee bit more time to my babyyyyyy's legality!
I'm just so so so so so so so dayaaaammmn bloody super excited for her! Tomorrow is oing to be a fun fun fun fun day. *does the dolly-dolly-dolly-dolly-dolly dance*

It's a big big big big big day tomorrow; well not just her, but a lot of people too! (Chit-Chat I hope you're reading this!)
A lot of irregular planning, procrastinated shopping- I hope it pays off. 

Isn't she simple pretty?

Yes! This IS her; Himani Gulati a.k.a Laughter Queen a.k.a Himanititis.

How can I ever, EVER explain how important you're? That you're the one incinerating the obscurity in my life with just that one smile of yours? That it makes my day to see you laugh? That when you come up with the conventional "Aur Kanchi, bata na bata na, kya hua?", you make me want to gossip even if I hate it with the darkest core heart?
Cuuuttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :*

You're that one pinhole-sized source of light which is enough for me to smile all day long. And I'm writing in a purple font, because she loves this colour oh-so-much. 
Meeting her perpetually puts one under the knife of doubt that HOW, how does such level of optimism bound to exist! You can never fathom the beauty she beholds inside of her. Oh, this girl is filled with enough love for everyone to give Mother Teresa a run for her money! Her friends are her life, I know; and so she shows! 
The Bhartiya Naari picture!

Well, I'm still handicapped as far as investigating the fact surfaces that WHERE DOES ALL THE FUCKING FOOD GO???!!!!!??!!! Khaana hi nai band hota iska! Breakfast+Brunch+canteen+Lunch+Snacks+Supper+Late Dinner! 
You'll see the appetite of an extinct hippopotamus in the body of a size zero woman.
She's half my size, and eats quadrupole the amount I do 

God fearing, religious, clean-hearted.....it just simply defines the best of her! Such dedication is rarely found. And it's not just God; she loves everyone as if they've been a part of her since forever.
But jo bhi bolo! Nautanki queen ka award to ise hi jata hai! 
Natak - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. =P

What she's unaware of is her meaning in my life. She swiftly came by like a breeze which takes away with it all my fears and insecurities. She's the reason I learnt to talk. The reason I laugh on senseless objects/happenings. The reason I feel things. The reason I might turn out to be optimistic at times. The reason I'm compelled to see the beauty within. The reason I know, that "Whatever your friends do, stick to them. You're the only ones who'll be setting them back on track!".

It's a random click, but I like it nonetheless, for she looks as beautiful as ever and natural!
Himani gulati! My words or my actions would never be able to define the love I have for you, and how happy I get with each of that warm hug of yours, and it makes my day to hear you say, "Kanchi, you make me so proud with everything you've won."
You, my baby, are THE most loved and cherished memory I'm yearning to be creating till my last breath, Honeybunch! 
You're the sugar sweetening the bitter coffee in my life. 
You'll never ever understand the place you hold in my life. Because within a matter of two months since the day I first met you, you brought to fruition my potential to love so much, cherish, desire, and respect someone as much I do to you.
It's five years since I've known you Himani, and even a phone call seems unnecessary for us to convey what we want to blurt out. Just a look says it all. You're that part of my life which never fades into darkness. You've stood by me through my happiest, toughest, saddest, most masochistic, melancholic phase; yet you've loved me with the best of your ability!

Honeybunch, your Kanche Ki Bottle loves you so bloody much to death, baby!

Pardon me for sharing the space for my baby, companeros! I'll see you around the block with hopefully either a part of my latest story (April Levesque) or with Ruhani's Mindblowing May!
See youuuuuuu, companeros!
Tener cuidado! :*


  1. Thats' a sweet post about your friend.
    You've got a great friend there.
    Cherish the friendship, no matter what the situations may be.
    Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you.
      Oh, she most certainly is! =)


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