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The Chronicles of April Levesque...IV

Amarillo todas las.....!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so maybe I was able to put through the story ofThe Chronicles Of April Levesque forward in a bit more convincing way.

It had been a boiling night when she saw him. She was on her mission. Clad in a red evening gown, she crossed through the security undetected- as usual- toward the crowd. She was too beautiful to amputate your eyes from. She approached the bar and chose a goblet of white wine. It had always suited her fine- light, sweet and easy on her nerves. It wasn't long till Chenkov set his eyes on her. Being the reputed Don Juan, he tried flattering her with all he had. Contrary to her sensations, she played pretence. The last thing she wanted was to be identified. Knowing the satyr he was, she easily made her way to his suite. But then slipping in a pill was never the hardest of jobs she'd done. That was the basics when she was being trained. Drooling over her as if wasn't enough that he fell on the bed with a thump! Extracting the chips and the disk, she walked away from the suite through the back door. Already dripping in sweat, she cornered herself to a wall,  and was viewing an easy escape. 
"Hey, what're you doing?"
Dumbstruck. She realised she'd never seen a man more beautiful than him. He had a certain air about him. Something she couldn't put her finger on. His dark gaze penetrated hers with a power yet unknown to her. It was soon she fathomed that he'd been asking something.
"Excuse me?"
So she had a voice beautiful enough to match her fragile exterior. He'd had his eyes on her since the moment her dignitary emerged from the security pass. The red suited the tone of her skin just fine. He couldn't stop appreciating the length of her tresses. In a world of Linkin Park and Emo women, she managed to stand out. They weren't really black, or red - some shade of brown he couldn't exactly point out. She had lush lips and he'd enjoyed seeing her sip her wine back in there. Her eyes were too big for her face; but it's ocean tint was something he wanted to dive in. He'd been disturbed when he saw Chenkov taking her to his suite. He was sure there was something fishy about her. A woman of her finesse didn't need the company of a man like Chenkov. She had wanted something, something more valuable than Chenkov was up for offering. Who was she?
"I asked, what're you doing out here? The party's inside, lady. Is everything fine?"
"Um, yeah. Yes, it is. Thank you for your concern. I was just leaving."
"From here? Quite adventurous of you indeed." The slightest of utterance of his voice was driving her crazy. She was only less than willing to realize what was happening.
"Yes. I should leave."
"With Chenkov's security onto you, I don't think so." She felt the colour from her face draining. He circled her tightly into the strength of his arms and bent his head to kiss her. He realised even after seeing her dollop two goblets of wine, she still tasted of strawberries and fresh peaches. He could see she was trembling. He liked the way she was clinging onto him. Either she'd been never kissed or she was wanting him in every possible way. 
She'd never experienced anything like that. She wondered what if he found out that he was the first man to ever kiss her? She shrugged herself away.
"Is everything fine, Duardo? Wasn't she with Chenkov?"
"No, Rez. She's with me. Is Chenkov alright?"
"No, he was found at a loss of his senses in his suite. We're looking for the girl he was with." She suddenly felt fresh sir.
"Thank you for saving me."
"You're welcome. I hope you return the favour."
She glared back stunned. She wished she could avoid comprehending what he was saying. His cologne was making her mind numb. 
"Favour? Wha.. What.. What favour?"
"You can of course oblige me with dinner?"
"I'm afraid that's not possible."
"Chenkov's men are still looking for you."
"Alright! Let's make it quick!"
"I've never done things in haste, Querido."
She wasn't liking the ring of his words. He took her to a pretty lavish place. A place when Chief had taken her on her twenty fifth birthday. Everyone seemed to know him. She could make out she was with an influential man. A highly influential man! She'd no appetite for food whatsoever. She saw him taking in every gulp of wine and food slowly. She couldn't take her eyes off his lips. They were mesmerising. She instantly put the thought away, ridiculing herself. 
She wasn't eating. He could make out why. He glared at her lips as she gently sipped the wine. She just had the perfect lips. She wasn't anorexic, for sure. She had built herself to be this sleek like a cat. 

They waited for his car to arrive. Once there, they stepped into it and rode off. 
"You can drop me off here. I'll find my way to my hotel."
"No. We're going to my hotel."
Her heart thumped under her chest. 
"Your.. our...your hotel?"
"Si. People know I don't let go off my female company till the next morning." She couldn't understand as to what sense is she to extract out of his statement. He took every inch of that beautiful puzzled face. 
"You sure drink coffee, miss..?"
"April. April Levesque. Yes, I do."
She felt her feet shaking as they got off the lift and were walking towards his suite. She felt she'd collapse. He ushered her into his sitting area. 
"Don't be so tense, Querido. I make good coffee."
She managed a smile. "I'm sure."
What a pretty little liar she's, he thought. He suddenly felt the urge to hold her and take in every pie of secret she was holing within her petite frame. He was surprised when she finally spoke and broke the ice.
"So what's you name?"
"Duardo Alvarez."
"You speak Spanish?"
"Si." And she smiled. He didn't know how, but he felt definitely finished with that smile. 
Duardo Alvarez, she recalled. So he is it! The billionaire playboy. Oh, where she'd been stuck of all places.
She ingested her coffee silently, as she'd been doing all night. 
"I think I should leave." She thought it was about time.
"What did I tell you, Querido? My companies don't leave until next morning."
She grew uncomfortable with that. He moved closer to her. She could feel his presence. She wanted to run away. Hormones, she envisaged. Get over it, you're a spy for god's sake, she screeched inside. 

He was really close now. With just a hand, he man-handled the remote and dimmed the lights. She could see every inch of his face clearly now. 
"Has anyone ever told you that you have eyes too big for your face?"
"I like the way you mumble."
He gathered all of her in once, and....

To be continued...

Sorry for the long break, companeros!
I hope to be back soon.
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