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For You, A thousand Times Over..

"For You, A Thousand Times Over."

Present day LA
And the toaster puked out the toasts. It was an everyday religious routine for both of us. I grabbed the toasts and coffee and moved toward the dining table to be seated opposite him. He perforated the newspaper with his ogles. Oh, how beautiful they are! That had been the primary facet I'd paid any heed to. I could never forget the dangerously sweet glare of those golden eyes! 
"So, where did you tell me is exactly your tour?"
"Ah, Kentucky. It would take me a while to draw out a healthy plan for the refurbishment of that house. It's been rotten."
"Oh, you mean more than a week?"
"Naturally. I'll keep calling you. Don't you worry."
With that, he planted a kiss on my forehead, caught his drooling bag from the chair, and left. I sometimes only hypothesize we'd been spending more of "quality time", had he been sticking his butt more at home than in hotel rooms. I wonder if he still remembers our first meeting. Even after eleven years, I predicate I can't get over it. 

April 2000
I saw this new boy enter the campus. He seemed shy, or maybe more quiet and reserved. He was tall and lean. Covered up in white, I saw him promenade toward me with a huge grin.
"Hi, could you guide me towards the reception?"
A heavy, very heavy voice. His grin seemed genuine. His voice had a certainty and a softness. Something that had been missing in the usual class of guys. 
"Uh, excuse me? Where are you lost? The way to the reception?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah! Sorry. Straight through this door and the penultimate right. You'll be there."
"Thank you so much."
His innocent golden glaze had captured me. I couldn't define what had struck me, but something certainly had! 

"Oops! I'm extremely sorry!"
"Oh no no! It's alright! There's quite a library you've here."
"Bullshit! Pardon me. They don't even have a single Sheldon or a Jackie Collins or a Guinness. I don't know how they even call it a library."
He laughed on that. It seemed as if my entire world lightened up. 
"You certainly have some humour out there. Why don't you do something? Stroll along with me after school to my place? My Dad holds as many books of these writers as you can imagine."
"Really?! That's really thoughtful."
His house was pretty. Working parents. Single child. Multiple schools. And a room with an extravaganza. This guy was definitely different!
"Hey! Thanks for this books, dude! Tell Mr. Stevens he has an exceptional collection."
"You're welcome. Uh, I don't know how to say this. It seems a bit weird."
"What is? Go on! I'm a shameless creature myself."
"My parents are out for a week. Would you like a movie and lunch tomorrow at my place? I assure you I cook good."
"Ummm, okay!"
"See you at one, then."
"See you at one."
I couldn't possibly reason the sudden excitement. It wasn't like I'd never been out with a guy before.
He certainly knew hospitality well enough. He could give all the Chinese restaurants a run for their money. I failed to fathom his talent in food. He played 'Enter the Dragon'. Can you beat that? Either we're very alike or he figured me out about just right!
We were looking out from the ostentatious glass corresponded in his room. There was nothing I enjoyed seeing more than the playful raindrops on the crystal. I felt a warmth on my palm. A tickling sensation. He was playing with it. His extremities held a certain expertise I'd never experienced before. He glared at me. I glared back. I sat transfixed. Whatever it was, that filled the air between us, was electrifying. I'd never observed him so intently before. He had a beautiful olive skin. His eyes seemed golden when he smiled, and black when upset. His long, dark, tousled hair made his young face a seem more manly. His fingers paced up and down in my hair. And maybe that was it. Maybe that's why I preferred his silence over words.

July 2005
"Where're you?!!"
"Oww. Stop shouting! I'm at Olympia's."
"The Brown Cafe. Twenty minutes. Thirty tops." 
"But why?"
"Just come, will you?"
Getting a taxi in the busy streets of New York was the last thing I was counting on, but I still found one. 
Open the cafe door, and I stood transfixed again. He looked dangerously handsome in the grey suit. Tall, dark and handsome. I felt like I was living a dream right out of Mills&Boons. 
"What is it? Why did you call me in such haste?"
"Would you have Latte or Cappuccino?"
"Screw the coffee! What is it?"
"You've never had patience, have you?"
"Get talking or should I walk out?"
He handed over a letter to me. It seemed different. The paper quality was excellent. 

"You've been appointed as the Supervising Architect for John & Johnny."

"You've got to be kidding me!"
"Uh huh. It's real, honey!"
Maybe I was wrong when I stated on our graduation that he would never make me feel so proud of him again. 

December 2007
The forks and china cling as we had yet another dinner.
"I've to move to LA."
"LA? Why?"
"My works needs me there than here."
"Oh. Well, you can commute."
"Commuting 19 days out of 30 isn't really a good idea."
"I'm thinking of purchasing and apartment than lease one. Makes more sense, you know."
"Stop saying oh over and over."
"They have promoted me to be the Chief Architect."
"What're you planning to do? Embark on a route to make me feel the luckiest and proudest girlfriend ever?"
"Not girlfriend, fiancée."
I constantly blinked my eyes.
"Fiancée?" I stared at him wide-eyed.
"Yes. I'm not going without you. What do you think? I enjoy seeing you on my webcam? I'm not leaving you out here. And don't give me that look. I don't want you jumping onto me already."

September 2008
"Do you, Johnathan McCartney Stevens take Ella Courtney Moore to be you wedded wife, and do you Ella Courtney Moore take Johnathan McCartney Stevens to be lawfully wedded husband, and honour and respect each other in sickness and well being?
"I do." 
"I do. And I promise to cherish you till my last breath. For you, a thousand times over, I would live."

March 2010
"You know we're trying! Don't blame me for something I'm not responsible for."
"How aren't you responsible?! The report says that we're both sexually fit, and I've a good count."
"I know that. Stop speaking as if I'm handicapped of conceiving! It isn't my fault."

"Whatever that means!"
"Don't you turn your back on me Mr. Stevens!"
"What do you want me to do?"
"I never thought not having a kid would create differences between us."

Present day LA
Giving him a Can't-You-See-I'll-Miss-You-Terribly look, I mounted the car to pilot my way to the office. I witnessed a neatly wrapped box with an envelope. I knew it wouldn't be him. He never gave me surprises. I opened up the box to see a dazzling blue sapphire pendant. I opened up the envelope to find letters along with an information brochure. 
"I love you. Today was the day when I saw you for the first time at school. It's not just a kid. It's a part of us. For you, a thousand times over, I'd live."
She glanced at the information brochure. and the other letter reading a big red POSITIVE of her pregnancy report.
She smiled into nonentity and drew herself back home. Office could wait. Her attention was much more needed somewhere else.

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