Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's The Way You Make Me Feel...

Amarillo todas las.....!!!!!!!
Another part of Ruhani's Mindblowing May.
This is an awesome awesome song. I wonder not having heard it any earlier!

I felt his strong hand on mine as I glared toward the obscure sky, glittering in proportions. His hold was piquant. I fondled the emergence of salty water on our hands, for it seemed like forever that he'd held my hand. My head twisted in his direction like he pushed a button on my hand which was meant for it. The golden gaze of his dark liquid eyes penetrated my soul and turned it to ashes. He was circling his thumb at the nerve of my wrist, and it drove me crazy. He planted little kisses on my palm which sent grotesque shivers through each cell of my body. I struggled to hide my condition. I sat stoned. I wondered if he could see the way my cheeks changed colour. He shifted closer to me. My heart thudded under my chest. He withdrew his hand and I could feel the coolness the air bestowed upon my hand because of the sweat. And he engulfed me in his warm embrace. I could sense his fast beating. It seemed to me that my heart'd explode and spill the blood of my love all over him.

It's been an year now. I see him making love to his Blackberry everyday. I was figuratively kicked out of his life, mind and heart. I tried showing it didn't matter but inside, I was screeching. He has girls around him more often now. It was that sole night on the beach when I saw him hold his fortitude out for me. He's lucky and you're magical together, they'd said. I'd disagreed stating I was more so. I now experience irascibility in his voice each time I call him. I hate the objectivity in his replies to my texts. He seemed to have forgotten about his promises to me. His standard expressions were now as clear to me as the back of my hand. Even a new question each time had old, irrelevant replies. I ruminated that his demeanour made me old. It made us archaic. He was unbecoming toward me. It was only as much I could try. A part of me believes that it was always something I'd done.

I rummaged through all my belongings which I'd happily allowed him to inherit a year and a half back. I plucked an album, our album from the carton of the memories he threw back at me like I was a dump trash for all his crap. Each time I see each of the picture, I think of all the times he screwed me over. They remind me of the low level he'd stooped to. He cut me off and made out like it never happened. I see now we made no sense ever. I'm glad it's over, for I don't need his love any more. 
You exist as just somebody that I used to know. But that night is afresh in the back of my mind, for I remember the way you made me feel.

So that'd be all companeros!
See you.
Till then tener cuidado. :*


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