Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just Today.....

Amarillo todas las.....!!!!!!!

Another part Ruhani's Mindblowing May

"It's positive, June.", those probably were the harshest word that ever dropped by my auricles.
"You mean, like really? Like 100% positive?", this couldn't have been happening to me!
"Yes, June. I re-ran all you tests thrice, just to be sure. I suggest you should retire for a while from your work. You need serious attention.", she simply spit the words out straight. She had a certain calm about her. My entire life hung on a rope now. How the hell could she be so calm?! She's my Godmother, for the love of God! Unwillingly, I broke into tears. Nothing. There was nothing that would comfort me any more.
"Oh, June. Honey, please don't break as of now! You should have let me know when you were having those symptoms much earlier. You're at a stage where you can't afford to stress yourself. Think of your parents, of Selina. She's still a child. She'll need you."
I wondered if she really knew the pain I was sensing. No, she couldn't. She's never loved anything more than her life!
"How much time do I have?"
"If you refuse to gather any medical attention, a year, or maybe even less. With treatment, you'll fight it for three or four years or so." Was it just me, or there was really an earthquake here?

"Joo, what did she say? You're going to be alrigh, Joo, aren't you?"
"Yes, Lina. I'll." How could I any explain to her that her hugs will apparently be the only thing keeping me strong.

"You! You're June Lenning! You're that dancer, right? I've seen every show of yours."
"Uh, yes. Thank you." After almost a year of the mishap, this was the last thing I was waiting to hear.
"Um, what happened? You vanished! Oh, dear! Are you being diagnosed for cancer?"
"Leukaemia. Yes."
"Oh, take care."
Obviously I'm taking care of myself, you dumb, my mind shouted. I had been losing temper more often than I ever did. I hadn't danced in exactly fifteen months and four days - and it had crept in inside of me bad, really bad. 

"I don't think I'll be able to do it, Professor. I haven't moved a limb in two years. How can you even think of it?"
"I'm here. Our old crew is still here. What's there to be scared of? I'm sure you'll hit it off."
"No, I won't hit it off, and neither do I wish to. You people don't get it, do you? Of course, you don't. Because you haven't been the one eating tablets like a meal, or the one screeching through the chemotherapies, or the one whose lost every inch fat and hair on their body. You'll never get it."
"We do get it, June! People have been in a worst case scenarios. If you loved ballet so much, why in hell do you refrain yourself from getting back on your toes? Or am I to just presume that you're enjoying pitying yourself? If not for yourself, do it for Selina, June. That child looks up to you." *and the door bangs*

"June, is that you? Holly, move the spotlight; Roy, clear the floor; Jay, go call Professor, tell her our dancer's back."
Two years, and I'd known what I'd missed. The auditorium looked different; they refurbished it. I was laughing, again. And dancing, again.
"And one and two and bend. Point them sharper! Round and round and stance."

"Doctor, she's sinking. Nurse, a GT7P. Now!"
"June. June! Keep your eyes open, honey. I'll save you."
"Joo. Joo. Don't go, Joo. You still have ballet to teach me."
And all I could know was that all they'd heard of me would be the monitor beeps. 

There I stood again,
Sans hair, sans my beauty,
The spotlight glared at me yet again,
The imprinting shadow, 
Stood behind me and captured my move,
And I was pirouetting away my fears.
As I heard them applaud,
I sensed what I'd been missing,
Maybe I won't be standing again at all,
Maybe the last of my body stretches,
Would be on a stretcher,
But I die satisfied, 
I will tell them,
I lived before the obscurity of death hit me,
And shattered my vision.
Maybe the only light I would see,
Might be dispersed,
But I would hold up my chin,
Hold my head high,
And show them that.............

I knew of a dancer who passed away, long back though. She was one hell of a dancer. Her moves would always make me shout hallelujah! 
Sim, this is for you. I'm sure you're watching, papayahead! 
Her absence has always been poisoning. 
I'll see you around, fellas!
Tener cuidado.

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