Sunday, 27 May 2012

So Apparently Tomorrow Will Be It.... =(

Not quite the hola mood, companeros! 
Tomorrow is superficially not going to be just any day! It's the 28th of May tomorrow! 
IT'S THE FUCKING BOARD RESULT TOMORROW!!!!! *screams and hides inside the blanket*

As like any other science student I'm praying for the worst to not happen, i.e., NOT BE ROYALLY SCREWED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! I'm enduringly freaking out. I tried the entire breath-in-breath-out thing, and you know what? WHOEVER ON EARTH SAID THAT IT CALMS YOU DOWN SHOULD BE RIPPED OFF HIS LUNGS!!!!!! 

I'll have to probably acknowledge my parents' disappointed faces, if I happen to lose out on marks! But what's the entire point of compunction now?! I did what I had to, and what I didn't had to. This is not what you should be feeling, right? Neither AIEEE nor CBSE, there's nothing I performed whole-heartedly! I really wish I'd! =(

Tener cuidado, companeros.
And God save the ones falling under identical classification as me! =/


  1. Good luck Akanksha. I'm sure you'd be fine. :)

    1. Thank you.
      Oh yes I was! I scored a freaking 94! Can you believe it? And now I feel I was freaking out for nothing! =D

    2. Awesome! Congratulations. Party time.

  2. Don't worry. Everything would be fine.
    All the Best. Take Care. :)

  3. congrats. 94 is supoer :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank youuu! how was yours?
      I'm sure you might have topped!


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