Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And You Take Me The Way I'm....

No, the title is just a song.
Acceptance, although an easy word, is a pretty hard thing and an even prolonged process. 
"Do this, do that." 
"You'll never get it right."
"Why do you have to do things that way?"
"Is it always you do it like that?"

Well I, for once, have heard these things to such an magnitude that even if a single soul comes up and tries ordaining me regarding re-doing or changing my custom to a fixation, he/she'll be revoking him/herself of a very precious organ. 

The phrase "I like you the way you are" just doesn't drudge well for my little pink brains. There HAS to appear something or the other that a person must be opposing in the near future. Yes, I have certain preferences too. Doesn't mean I'll start imposing them without will. It's not like if I commit to the task, I'll suddenly have Ambani brains, a Jolie face or a Gwyneth Paltrow  ass? It's still going to be me! 

Oh, forget that! I'm just bored sitting at home and wiring various hopelessly useless things in my mind. 
The sad part? There are no god damn eye candies in my college! This is going to be a pretty rough five years. I really sometimes wish I'd chosen DU instead of B.Arch. Man, would I be on a roll then! 

I've been really deserting my blog to the best of my ability. I really miss writing stories. But don't you worry, companeros! I'll be up with one very very soon! 

Oh and this band Purity Ring? It's first album Shrine is out. I'm hooked to its song Fineshrine. Trust me, you'll love it!

I'll see you around? :*
Tener cuidado. =)


  1. 5 yr B.Arch!!
    Ye to bahut zyada time hai

    1. Guddi, tu to buddhi ho jayegi re
      5 saal mein
      Chl tjhe kya tension tu to bahut patient haina. Nikal hi legi jaise taise.

  2. u know, there are always juniors.


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