Monday, 30 July 2012

Liebster? Oh Yes! =D

Much much much thanks to Ajay for yet again, awarding me. It's this Liebster award. Which, companeros, I'd no clue whatsoever as to what it meant. Open Google homepage -> Google Translate -> Type Liebster -> German detected -> Meaning Favourite.

That's quite a booster, you know, considering the fact that so many people have been un-favouriting(that's not even a word) me! 

So technically, you have to:

1) Tell 11 facts about yourself. Which you can read here.

2) Answer the 11 questions tagger has asked, and frame 11 more for who you tag. Well, 

(a) If you were given one wish, what would that be? 
     I'd like to start playing my guitar again. Or maybe just have the last year back.

(b) Which place do you wish to visit the most?
    Ladakh, I guess?

 (c) If you somehow become the President, what would be the first thing that you'd do?
     I'd put a bullet in Kasab's head. 

(d) Your favourite author?
     Jackie Collins, and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

(e) How much does blogging mean to you?
    It's one treasured corner in my life, like there's in any room. Where you go open yourself up, and feel strong, no matter how bad you're broken. 

(f) Would you give away everything for something that you love doing? 

(g) What's the one thing that you would like to get from life?
     Something I can't state here. 

(h) What would you do if you won a million dollars?
     Open up a help centre for protection of women against rapists.

(i) What's you life motto?
    "When the rape's inevitable, enjoy it."

(j) How stupid and lame are the questions? 
    Very disastrously, ostentatiously lame. Don't do it again for the love of mankind, Ajay. =P

My questions. I'm feeling too lazy to frame any! You can go ahead and answer the same above! 

3) Award it out to 11 more bloggers.
I don't have enough favourites, but whichever there are, they're, *drumrolls*


4) Tell the bloogers about awards.
On my wayyyyyyy!

See you around, companeros!
Tener cuidado. :*


  1. OYE SHARMA! Thank you pretty girl! You made my DAYYYYYYYY and to this "Open up a help centre for protection of women against rapists." I AM TOTALLY raising my glass to your words. Like totally. And consider my money to go to your cause too k?!

    I'll treat you once I meet you :*

    1. Oye Bhattacharya! You made my day too. I really wish I had the million bucks. Yes yes yes. Come to Delhi and we'll have fun

  2. Congrats Akanksha :) Loved reading about you :)


  3. Got it. I won't frame such questions from next time. :D
    But then again, you are forwarding my questions to the people you tagged. I see !
    *Rolls eyes* .

    Anyway, Congrats on the award. :)
    Well, you deserve it.

    Take Care. :)

    1. Hahahaha. Try not to! Hey! I was lazy, eh?
      Thank you, for rewarding it! =)

  4. THANK YOU :D i awarded you right back!

  5. You are hitting the right strings. The answer of (a) says so :-)


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