Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oh Look Who's All Grown Up!

"So, class! This is Akanksha Sharma. She's a part of our school now. I'd like you all to help her be comfortable here. Introduce yourself, child"

"Hello. I'm Akanksha. A nerd, for sure. I like to paint and dance. And I'd really like to get to know each one of you."

"Alright. So, you can sit there. Wait, you should sit with someone who can help."

"Oh God! No no no no. Not THAT girl. She's so weird! Even an elf might be taller than her.", my mind screeched

I had been wrong! Ver wrong. And very naive, to judge someone.
That just-a-little-above-five-feet girl grew to be one of THE most trusted and treasured part of me!

Yes! That's she. Monika Singh Rattey a.k.a Chhote a.k.a Dhol a.k.a Complan Girl a.k.a Gay Designer a.k.a Queen Pixie a.k.a Blossom.

We met her ten years ago, and what turned out to be a relationship of mutual dislike, soon transformed into a game of similarity and soon into a deep deep friendship! 

This is probably the first time I'm unable to fish out for words to write for her in my small head. She's a lot of things that a lot of people were never able to be in my life. 

1) She's the sister I never had!
From my work to my hobbies to my painting to my guitar to my PMS. She's been there all throughout......No, no. Not supporting. Rather criticising that I'd better do better. [God knows who told her that criticism is a part of character building!]

2) She's the first school friend I EVER had. Yes. I never befriended a soul in my initial years at school. She was my first best friend, soul sister, confidante to have ever entered my life. And she's the reason I'm even there on Facebook.

3) Her dry and uncanny humour is famous among everyone. And of course, she's a favourite with the guys. Psst! he loves you a lot, babe!

4) There's so much talent that one can have inside of them! She's one of THE best sketchers I've seen. And she is one dirty dirty dancer!

5) She's a pathetic drinker! Yeah, really! She gets all perked up at the thought of drinking. Two shots, and you'll have to carry her up to the third floor!

6) Well. THIS is one thing I'm proud I did to her. I turned her into a nautanki too! =D

Basically! I just love her way too much, for her to know through it to my blog. She knows this fact and so I've been yelling about it at her since the past ten years. 

You just have to realise that one moment when a person means the world to you and right back at you! And when you have a friend like her who's more or less a cleaner image of of you, you know you have what is SINCERELY needed in your life. 

It's been ten long years. TEN FUCKING YEARS TOGETHER. 
And one thing I know for sure is that she'll be beside me forever. No matter what! 

You finally turn 18, you god-damn Pixie! And love, I promise to get you a complan induced cake! [Don't kill me]


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