Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shubh Aarambh! *Cadbury music playing*

Amarillo todas las!!!!!
What the is the cooking is the? 

Alrighty then! Tomorrow is August 6, 2012. Monday! The day succeeding Sunday, and the day to meet the why-is-weekend-over frustrated faces. Okay, fine, I'm done. Tomorrow is my first day at college. 

You know when you think of something and suddenly you predicate that your stomach suddenly turns ticklish? And your pulse rate increases, or is that an adrenaline rush? When you feel like running across a vast empty path shouting at the top of your voice? You got it?! Yes, yes, yes, yes. That's exactly what it is! 

Obviously, like any other person I'm excited, and scared, and, nervous, and hyper. Tell me this is normal. Please, please, please? PLEASE?
Okay, I'm just exaggerating now! 

Wish me luck, fellas! I'll certainly, NO! Make that most probably. I'll most probably be back tomorrow to tell you about the ostentatious initial experience. Although my seniors and scaring the shit out of me that I Architecture won't let me pursue my hobbies any more. But blaaahhhhh! I'll do them anyway.

Tener cuidado.


  1. YES do post tomorrow! AND IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL TO GO SHIT CRAZY. You might as well pee in your pants. Just sayin.

    1. Hahahahahahaha!
      You know I might be peeing in my pants tomorrow, Bhattacharya!


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