Saturday, 27 October 2012

For Now.

No, it's happening. I tried refraining. But I guess I was held back till only trying. No attempt whatsoever helped. And I don't think it will. Maybe ten years down the line when I'm sitting up late at night, working and watching some stupid architect I would have married sleeping, maybe then I'll think of you. And still wonder what would my life have been if it had you, like I still do. Maybe I will, for the rest of my life. I'm standing at crossroads where you're nowhere to be seen. And might I say, I don't like that fact. But I'll do with myself, for now. Just know. You're loved. Maybe always will. You're the best I could have got, perhaps. And perhaps I'm not worth you. I'm nothing special, I'm sure of that. ON a dark night, set out walking on the road which is purely illuminated by the moon; THAT is how beautiful my life feels when you're in it. If at all ever, you don't feel lonely even when you'll have no one by your side, your heart skips a beat with no reason, remember it was me.  

The song's pretty old, and although I hate Britney Spears, I fell in love with this song when I heard it back then. 


  1. Do you have more faith in god or in yourself?

    1. Myself, of course. But then there are times when someone comes along, and everything that you've always known to be in your power stands null and void.


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