Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I'd Be Your Shield...

No. No, it doesn't matter in the ultimatum where you end up.
I can get pretty difficult at times. There'll be moments when the thin blade of killing me with your bare hands solely, would fragment the nerves of your coils. But just wait. Please, wait is all I ask for. I know I haven't proved to be the best person around you. I'll annoy you, test your patience, bring you to the brink of murderous behaviour, or even might shaken your trust in our bond. But listen. LISTEN. You've been there with me when I was happy. And I promised to be there in your angst. And I'll be there even if the angst is because of me. If I end up being the reason of your anguish. Please bear with me, because I don't want to be unable to be there with you. It just wasn't about the happiness deal, was it? I told you I won't let your problems remain yours.I'd be your shield for your problems hit me. Hard, in the face. Only to remind me, come what may, you're safe. There are days when we simply just look at each other, and know things are fine, with all the shutters down. 

"I'll sit here by my window, look out at the night sky you must have gazed at, tonight and most of all, I'll wish I knew how you feel."

With weary eyes, incomplete sleep and a new Macbook,
see you around fellas.
Tener cuidado. :*


  1. i hope this was written with a person in mind. such love shouldnt go waste :)

    1. It sure was. Never doubt it. =)
      And where the hell have you been? :O
      Oh, and Chronicles of April Levesque Part V updated. Go check. I hope you like it. =D

  2. got caught in the vicious swirls of work and play.
    april shall be sought soon.


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