Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life Is Okay!

I wake up every morning at six. Actually it's more like staying up through the night till the point when it's my real time to wake up. I'm slogging myself, and yet the work doesn't come to an end. How will it, when I have only 24 hours for 30 hours worth of work?! I drag myself past each day, in the hope that something nice'll happen. Something/one will bring a smile to me. A genuine smile. One that I've actually forgotten what feels like to be done in response. 

And then I look around. And I see people. Real people, fake people, helpful people, sadu people, leechad people, kind people, happy people, whining people. I try looking within. And I find myself. Should be enough, isn't it? YOU should be enough for yourself. [Read: Satya. I love you, Tambi :*] 
I bend down and shake my head, look up smiling, and get back to my work. 

Life is okay! 


  1. Waa. Mera phone dabba ho gaya. This is my third comment on this post.

  2. Comment 1: when i need a genuinely happy moment, i l find myself some mutts. The way they scramble haphazardly towards u when u whistle is a rare delight.

    Comment 2: as cute as u r, that smile has something missing.

  3. Haha! Awwww. Really? I better try them.
    As sweet as you are, you have an insight into everyone! :O

  4. yes really. and that post freaking midnight. crazy how and when your gadgets fail you :S

    as for insight, no, not into everyone. some, occasionally yes.

  5. btw, let your laces be open if you are wearing sneakers.


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