Thursday, 20 December 2012

End Already Now!

Okay, then! Last exam tomorrow. And parties to follow. A LOT of parties. Clearly that'll happen if the world doesn't end tomorrow. Or maybe more, I want it to end. Maybe rectify few mistakes, have a fresh start. As exasperating things always have been, and as disappointing the false idea of the world ending is, I reckon I might as well begin from zero.

  •  No more letting your past in. It's the past - better if it stays there.
  • Not allow people to tell me how worse a prospect I'm to be having in their life, and the endings were my mistakes.
  • Click. Click, click, click to my heart's content.
  • No more resisting junk. Eating. A lot of junk eating. 
  • Go meet Aabhaas, kick his ass, and spend time with him anyway. [You better stay at home, you nutcase.]
  • Oh! Not staying at home for even a single day. Meet people I've long forgotten.
  • TRY learning how to use make-up. Yeah, happens when your girlfriends are all over the place screaming the same. I don't even understand since when did I have so many girls in my life. *shivers*
  • Try leaving, or at least reducing sm....NO! Not happening!
  • Get back to hanging out with my chaddi-buddies. Oh, yes!
  • Post the fictions which are lying in the drafts.
Well, probably that'll be it, because I just have a week off. Time to eat, study, sleep, repeat.

See you around, companèros.
With hatred for history in heart,


  1. First of all, that picture is funny. :D

    @3 : You have a Canon 550D, right ? if I am not wrong ?

    @4 : Hi-5 to that. Just went to McD for lunch and dinner at KFC. I just can't resist myself. :/

    @Last one : Waiting for the fictions.

    And tomorrow is History exam? All the Best. :)

    -Original AK

  2. the last one is gonna be a treat!

    and no meeting new people? :S

    1. Haha. Thank you. Let me replenish old relations first?


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