Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hey You! Yes, You! You Brought The Twinkle Back In My Eyes!

Love was the time I realised skipping of heartbeats.
Love was the coffee you brought me in the first place.

Love was hearing your unheard cries.
Love was when you were a temptation I didn't want to resist.
Love was the randomness of you and I.
Love was when you told me that I didn't need make-up, 'cause I knew how to flirt. 
Love was when I was irrational and you tolerated me for the same. 
Love was when I admitted to you being the mistake I wanted to commit. 
Love was when I knew, ten years down the line, I'll wake up each morning thinking how beautiful m college looked just by the mere sight of you.
Love was when you held me, just for a moment. And the moment I'm going to hold close to my heart all my life, just like you did.
Love was when I survived seeing you everyday in between hectic schedules and cynicism.
Love was when I was only yours for the taking. 
Love was when my breath used to catch in my throat each morning that I saw you. 
Love was when I used to have a look at your sleepy face each morning, and still thought you were the most beautiful man alive.
Love was when my pupils dilated each time I looked at you.
Love was when I tried figuring your resemblance to either of your parents.
Love was when I saw you work, and realised your mettle in it.
Love was when I kept wondering how talented you were.
Love was when my heart leapt even by someone's mere mention of your name. 
Love was when my mother liked you.
Love was when I used to hear your voice at the end of the corridor and rush back to class so that you don't change your path on seeing me. 
Love was when I listened to your deep voice, and felt for it to be the sweetest music to my ears.
Love was when I loved the shirts you love equally.
Love was when I saw the pure heart of yours.
Love was when we looked at each other pretty much at the same time.
Love was me loving your land, religion, and even your bloody food.
Love was when I decided to wait for you, no matter what.
Love was when I knew you're the best I could get.
Love was when you protected me even when I meant nothing to you.
Love was when I knew that loving you was as simple and as complex as that.
Love was when you smiled, and my world rocked on its axis.
Love was standing on my tiptoes to wrap my arms around your neck.
Love was when I knew love.
Love was when every word I wrote to forget you, you came a step closer to me.

See you around, companèros.
With an empty heart, and an even emptier brain,


  1. Someday, not far from today... that
    'Love was' will turn into 'Love is' and 'Love will be' and that heart of your's won't be empty.

    And you kidding? Empty brain? No way. I don't believe that.

    -Some other AK

    1. Dear some other AK,
      I'm keeping my brain devoid of any nonsense and patiently waiting for the "Love will be" point, and hopefully the heart would no more be empty.
      Original AK. =P

    2. Dear AK,
      First of all, I am the original AK.
      Like I said, Not far from today, there would be no more emptiness.

      See, Registered Trademark. And Copyrights also. :D

    3. That makes you AJ, not Ak. :/
      You need to set your AP right. =P

    4. Lol. :D

      AK as in the first letters of my first & last name.
      And AJ is what people call me. But my bottom-signing is AK.

  2. so the void does exist.

    ps:touchy touchy that.

    1. I thought we discovered that already.
      P.S. Don't touchy touchy it.

  3. I am a sadist. Was smiling at how many scarred people there are on the planet. And yes i knew.

    Ps: i meant the article was touchy. Theres beauty is pain no? *read: sadist showing himself *

  4. sigh. i have this symptom. i get dumb. cant help it. always happens around cute girls.


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