Friday, 7 December 2012

"Oye! Ho gaya kya?" "Yeah. Phew!"

I pulled all nighters for two weeks. All for a damn design jury, which according to my sweetly dumb teacher, had to be PERRRRRRRRFECT(Yes, that's how she pronounces it), who's not even teaching us anymore for the second semester. May God rest her apparent intelligence in peace. *dances when the teacher turns around*

Whatever! The design jury went fineeeeee. Like really awesome. Although my model was a TAD bit incomplete, and I even fell on it and successfully broke it, I still got amazing amount of marks and an equally amazing response. External's words? "Interesting. Very interesting. I love your design"

Building constructions, and architectural drawing are next. No no. NO. No more sleepless nights. Just some smart working. And yes, I FINALLY slept last night. For fifteen fucking hours, bitches! Yes, so much that my head hurts now. It's almost like it's telling me not to sleep so much. Rather I shouldn't be. Anyhoo, time to enjoy some slurrrrrrpy food!
I'll be back!

See you around, compan√®ros. 
With complete sleep, and to-be full tummy,


  1. Will we be able to see your work ?

    Glad to hear that you got some pretty good feedback.

    Take Care. :)

  2. drawings :S

    neat that. i remember mine used to have more rub marks than pencil marks.
    and congrats on the perfect :P


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