Sunday, 30 December 2012

Year End Blues

Amarillo todas las!
Yes, the year's about to end. Yet again. Nothing new. There are always things you wish you'd done or hadn't. Things you regret doing, things you cherish. This year's been more of a regretting list, but by the time half the year passed, I reckoned that maybe, just MAYBE I've been looking in all the wrong places for affection and care. A few amends? Of course! What would it hurt, right?

  • NEVER. Never ever spill your heart out to people who don't trust you. Sounds silly, eh? Not in the least. Tell them whatever you want, they'll never believe you. It's better to talk to people you don't trust. You'll eventually end up doing just the contrary in time.
  • STOP INGESTING SO MUCH OF CAFFEINE.  OKAY! That's not possible for me. So let's move ahead, companèro? 
  • Write more. Read more. Click more. Sleep more. Talk more. Eat more. (Bah! Who am I kidding? I'll explode if I eat anymore. :/)
  • Throw some people out my life. While just forget some to whom I've stuck by for years unconditionally. Not anymore, not when they can't even offer the least form of acknowledgement. 
  • Pick my guitar out of the store again. (Blah! I know it's not going to happen.)
  • Share my secrets with friends. Okay. Whatever. I'll just try, okay?
  • Pick sun board over thermocol. :/ Lesson learnt.
  • Trust my friends more frequently. Not that I don't. Just some confiding stuff. You people apparently know more stuff than my friends. Yeah, yeah, you're all lovely! :*
  • Not miss any of my friends' birthdays for work anymore. I can guess how much that might hurt. [Read: Sanah. I'll make it up to you next year.]
  • Stop feeling scandalised if I see girls drooling over their manicured nails. I mean, isn't what they're supposed to do? Yeah, whatever. I'l just try not making a troll face. That's the least I can promise. 
  • Spend more time on my terrace than my bedroom.
  • Try liking shopping. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. *my mom fainted there*
  • Try buying shoes. Shoes as in not shoes shoes, but yeah, the female stuff. Heels, man, heels. Irritating things. (You wear a dress once, with yeah, the supposed shoes and your friends say you look like a girl for once. I mean seriously? Do you see my in jerseys and bermudas in college or what? Read: Niikunj. You'll pay, dude. :/)
  • Stop behaving like a nerd presuming others belong to the same race as me. I mean, whatever happened to giving people space, right? Right!
  • Thank a few people for being there, for being who they are. 
  1. Monika, Jagisha, Ani(S). I don't need to say anything.
  2. Apeksha, Sanya, Sanah. For recreating friendship. You really make me smile, you guys. (Sanah, thank you for bringing the sunshine back in my life.)
  3. Mom, Dad. Yeah, okay I know even though you think it's lame, you do read my blog. I love you. Thank you. I'm standing today because of you both.
  4. Aabhaas, Anirudh, Bhai. Yeah, you're funny, bro. *clint eastwood look*
  5. Suvay, Tambi. I don't need to say anything again. :*
  6. Shiraz. Thanks. Really.

There are a whole lot of people I need to thank too. They've brought colours back into my otherwise monochrome life. But then I should save some, I reckon. 
And yeah, that's pretty much me in an attempt to apply make-up, and Monika's attempt to click me. Gosh, that idiot is obsessed with my camera. =P Just by the way, I did not succeed in using that thing. FML. :/

It was Apeksha's birthday his past week. That's a night full of shit. Good shit, that is.

Birthday girl.


L to R : Sanya, Apeksha, Me, Sanah. Yes, the colours in my life

Ain't we awesome?

I'm the cool dude, man.

My peeps.

My little Miss Sunshine.

Okay. this one was the sober one. The one before was......Okay, enough!

The day was anyhow pathetic today. Left late for a friend's birthday. Had a teeny-weeny car accident. Actually more like thoko-fy sequence. With whom? A baniya and a sindhi. FML! No, wasn't my fault. Was trying to save his car, and in turn broke my own radiator. Plus he tells me that he hit the car ahead of him because my car hit him. Seriously? Can you imagine an i10 moving a SKODA at a speed of 20? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Anyhow, taken care of, and in everybody's face. My parents and Godparents were actually laughing, when I thought I would be given a serious sounding of how to be MORE safe while driving. Bite me! 

Anyhooo, time to leave. New year tomorrow. I really wish 2013 turns out to be better. I already like the ring of it in my years. 
See you around, companèros.
Time for me to sleep, sleep, eat, click, eat, repeat. (Yeah, I know. Boring life for somebody like me.)

With three shades streaked hair(FUCK YES!), 


  1. streaks?! naaaice!

    1: very well said.
    3: write read yes. rest no. is year too much kar liya sab. i gained 20 ks.

    3 just violated 1.

    4,5 : must.

    5: super must. no wait super duper must :D
    9: tel me abt it. i do dat all d time. :S

    the rest were all good thoughts. but i didnt want to comment on them. am in no place to.

    tk cr u! :)

    and happy new year


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