Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mere Views Kiraye ke hai.

College screws you. Whoever said that you can have fun after school to your heart's extent probably did college through correspondence. Half of the staff thinks of themselves as Marcio Kogan (that man's God!), half is visiting ones and think they're here because we need them - it's like we owe them even the mere sense of our education and they're the only ones who devote to us the least amount of time and also the one who will turn us into Frank Lloyd Wright-s - and this makes no sense to me. It is okay for teachers to be late in class, to be late to send you an e-mail regarding your work, to be late in checking your stuff, but if you are bound to do any of the above, by God, the following stationary Tandav is worth the watch. Favourite dialogue? "Architect ban-na itna aasaan nahi hota. You should be creative. For example, my views are my own." Waah! Mere to kiraye ke hai. Thank you for sharing the secret. But then again there are teachers (Roy Sir, solemn salute) who're ACTUALLY clear in life as to what they want/ed. Needless to say they actually teach. One of my design teachers is being shifted to another section. The fuck is wrong in life. The only good thing about design at the moment is that teacher and she's being exchanged. GRRRRREEEAT! Besides, I love my college. It's the only place where I'm happy. Genuinely. 
People who want to get back at me for not being pleasant-to look-at enough, can move over and jump off a cliff. I don't wish to care in the least as to for what span of time you were in my life. Untrue friendships, and unreasonable people can go take a hike. 

See you around, companèros.
Tener cuidado. :*


  1. College Sucks. I totally agree.
    But as you say, it makes you happy. Be in those moments which makes you happy. Rest - Just don't care about it.

    And lol @ Mere Views Kiraye ke hai. :P


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