Thursday, 24 January 2013

What's Your? - Confession Day 4 *UPDATED*

Okay, companèros. Day 4.
You can know about the routine here.

So the day's confession would be about YOUR TEACHER CRUSH. We all have gone through middle and high school having a crush on a teacher. There's either a sweet story, or an embarrassing incident behind it. Confess it! [FACEBOOK PEOPLE YOU CAN JOIN IN TOO]

You can write your confessions on your respective blogs, mail the links for the same at
OR, if you don't want to reveal your identity, and think your story might embarrass you, no problemó! You can mail your confessions to me, and I, and only I would be witnessing your confessions. They would only be posted on my blog - no identity revealed. I'd be your confession box.

Somewhere around 2010-2011
*sob sob*
"Akanksha? Why aren't you in class, honey? What's wrong?"
"Nothing, Sir. I might just be PMSing. That's all. I'll get back at it."
"You don't weep when you PMS. Tell me, what's wrong."
And with that started a bond between me and my teacher that as to be for life. I went on and on, about how my life was being sucked at, by two guys for whom I cared the most - my who loved me, and one I loved - and the two who were my best friends. Everything was ripping apart, and it was then that Sir caught hold of my hand, and pulled me out of my blues. He taught me to look beyond things that troubled me, to look for myself, and where I stand. He taught me to be selfish, and to put myself first, so that no one hurts me. He got me through with a subject I dreaded. He shared silly jumpins with me. Taught me leadership and control. Along the way, mentoring me, he turned out to be more than a teacher. Cute to bhai Sir the hi. 
August 2012, First climatology class. 
Gaurav Shorey. COOLEST PROFESSOR EVER! Amazing with students, amazing teacher, rides bike (a bloody bullet!), uses a Macbook too (Bro five!), has a brain of the successor of Einstein's lineage. What's not to like?

Unfortunately, no Climatology in second semester and no Gaurav Sir around in college to take help from or to talk to. Blah!

The post will be updated late night. You can even have the morning to yourself, if you wish.



  1. i have had two. and both of them were my english teachers.

  2. LOL. he was a mentor when you needed one. thats gonna stay forever.

  3. You could talk to your male teacher about PMSing? *_*

    1. Haha. Yes He was always surrounded by female teachers all day. He was young, and uber COOL! B)


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