Friday, 25 January 2013

What's Your? - Confession Day 5 *UPDATED*

Day 5. You can know about the routine here.

So today's confession is about RAIN. What is your favourite memory of it? Confess it! [FACEBOOK PEOPLE YOU CAN JOIN IN TOO]

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"Some people feel the rain,
Others just get wet"
- Bob Marley

Somewhere in 2006.
"Come on. Please. Sirf ek baar."
"I hate the place it's becoming out there. No way."
"Pleeeeaaaassseeeeee? You find it okay to play football in mud, but are uncomfortable to walk in the rain?"
"Arrrggghhh. Woh football hai. Get lost."
"God! Fine."
Goes out. Gets wet.
"Is this making sense to you? Getting wet? I have a shower in my bathroom, you know."
"Shhh. Just wait. Rain's about to stop."
Waits impatiently.
"Now look. Up there."
"Where? I don't see no nothing. Dude, what are you trying to......Woah!"
"I love you."
The conversation in imprinted forever in my memory. That walk in the rain changed everything for me. Nothing more to say. 

The post will be updated late night. You can even have the morning to yourself, if you wish.

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  1. i was barely awake when i started reading. and now i am like, what just happened?

    1. hell yes. :)

      i wonder what it would feel to be a part of something like that.
      in my novel... something similar happens. a little differenelt i suppose. :)


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