Saturday, 26 January 2013

What's Your? - Confession Day 6 *UPDATED*

Cool. So Day 6.
Know about the routine here.

And today's confession is about HATRED. What is it that you hate most, why? Confess it! [FACEBOOK PEOPLE YOU CAN JOIN IN TOO]

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OR, if you don't want to reveal your identity, and think your story might embarrass you, no problemó! You can mail your confessions to me, and I, and only I would be witnessing your confessions. They would only be posted on my blog - no identity revealed. I'd be your confession box.

Almost all throughout my life.

Hatred, as they say, always has some love wrapped in its ugly folds. Uh-uh. It always has reasons, grudges, and a whole lot of misunderstanding from the opposite side. 
"You can never dance like others."
"You're a girl. You'll be a sucky Guitar player. Don't insult the instrument by playing it, please."
"You are an insult to the entire female race - mend your ways before some shining-armoured-knight cures them for you the hard way."
"You're a boy sans balls. Obviously, you'll never attain the required dressing sense."
"Look at your legs. You think they don't discomfort the eyes of someone looking at them? Polio!"
"You were only what I needed in life. Not what I wanted. Look at yourself. Who would?"
"Only a gay would fall in love with you."
"You fucked it up."
"You're a kid. You know nothing about what's out there. You're silly as shit."
"Don't look in the mirror, there's really no point."

"I mean, really? Look at him, AND you. Do you really think he could have really fallen for you?"
"I'm only tolerating her because she does good work."
"I don't get how the hell do they tolerate her?"
SO, people who've tried hurting me, putting me down, tried to prove me inferior - basically tried to fuck my integrity through and through - you can go find some aliens to do that with. Because I have a heart, which beats, strong enough to whoop your ass. I don't care if I'm not beautiful enough for anybody, you wonderfully crazy and mindblowing. The point is that I'm me. And I'm happy with that. So whoever thinks I'm inferior, or undeserving in any way, or might even have eccentricity crisis, can go get a life, rather than concentrating on what I'm doing. 
So I'm happy, and I know it, and I'm clapping my hands. ON YOUR ASS! Bah! Easy ranting shit out.
This felt good.

The post will be updated late night. You can even have the morning to yourself, if you wish.

Too hungry,


  1. i love that attitude!

    but then who the fuck told you, you aint beautiful enough?! quite a species that would have been aye??

    if i could say something without sounding idiotic,i would say this. i find you to be absolutely freaking great.

    1. You have no idea how long is the list.
      Thank you. =)

    2. the longer the list, the stronger you are. and the stronger you are the higher you go.

      and its the angels that reside up there. :)

  2. DUDEEE AKANKSHA, you might as well be the most freakin beautiful girl on my fb list. Gosh, however those suckers are clearly need to have their eyeballs chucked out. Anyhooo, that was bloody amazing. :D


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