Sunday, 24 March 2013

Past Her

Clamping on firmly to the reminisces suffocate them. Take it easy, take it slow. At times, even the most unencumbered flashes taunt the very essence of what was being. The reverting silence hurts. It wounds you. Surprising, and mocking you as well. Telling you weren't enough. The essentiality of it wasn't enough. Wait! Don't stop. Think, feel, think again. It wasn't worthless. Worthless defines a whole lot of life's otherwise created nuisances. Anything, but that. Shut your eyes. I know you still seek her. The mystery that she is, has kept you on your toes. Her irrelevance to whatever she did and said, drew you to her. Her way of talking in circles, and still establishing perfect sense for you withdrew your frowns. Wait, stop, look. She stood there. Aloof, amongst the crowd. As you were. But something about her made her mingle with the aliens enveloping her. She was all that was for you to foresee. And just as she brushed past you, her woody, fruity hint sent you on a spin. You heard her low, attentive, husky voice, and the quick gasps she took while walking. It all took your breath away. The silent gushing of her sandals reminds you of the way she swayed, complementing the wind around her. And each time you reminisce, you lose her, her woody, fruity scent, bit by bit. As if it were your price to pay for remembering her each time you did. 

One of the trip pictures. 
See you around, companèros.
Working, talking, and sleeping,


  1. word for the picture: khajjal!!! :D

    as for the charachter, you keep forgetting about her every time you think about her. and then when you try to put her into words, a different character comes out. but this one, is one you had seen them to be, not who she actually might be.
    food for thought!

    btw isnt it about time April Levesque dropped in?

    1. I hold no clue about the meaning of that word whatsoever.
      Yeah, I tried doing that.
      You know, the moment I posted this one, I thought I should have gone with an April Levesque post. It'll be up soon too.

  2. i didn't either. till college. its himachali for confused.

    btw, dont try and make a charachter out of a real life person. i mean its a great thing. but what when the charachter u make, u r actually able to find in real life? not intentionally but just.

    right now, u really get even more khajjal.

    and damn you. kitna wait karwati hai.


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