Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Yet Another Day.

All right! Befor anything else, I WILL post abou the amazing award Ajay rewarded me with! 
Conference shizz going on in college. Three days of kickass shit. Yeah, I know, I promised to refrain from using any colloquial adjectives containing ass, but what the hell!
Too many cool people in the surroundings. 

College in an integral phase. You live it to grow, and know yourself. Knowing all categories of people, which is missing from school life, tells you a lot about yourself. Well more in the way of helping you realize them.

I hate:

  • Hypocrites. Passionately! I feel like beating the living pulp out of them each time they open their mouth. 
  • Boy-crazy girls. I guess whoever it is, they're already aware, so I'm waiting to see the time when they drop dead themselves. 
  • Irresponsibility. Beats the bloody shit out of my mind's calmness. 
  • Confrontations. Worst. Thing. Ever. 
  • People way too madly in love. Mean of me, I know. It just is. I'm sorry.
  • Frustration. As comfortable it might be getting frustrated on every one, and every little thing, I detest it.
  • Over-thinking people. Grow up!
  • People who think I'm obsessed with my work. You need a life. I've found mine.
And I love:
  • Happiness. I miss every inch of it on my face, in heart, and mind.
  • Ingenuity. For some reason.
  • Stability. Obviously!
  • Churches. Beautiful.
  • Red Velvet Cake. Yeah, my friends are putting up with an argument that they've finally turned me into a girl. 
  • Singing. As bad as I can get at it, I sing when I feel angry, and Phuieewww! it's all gone.
  • A few Hindi songs. Yeah, finally. 
  • Death metal forever. <3
  • Good hearts. Genuine people. 
  • Direct people. An those who're not, keep sticking your ass with seniors for the while, okay? Okay. 
  • Truth. As hard it is sometimes, its solace is comfortable.
  • Iced tea. And butter cookies.
  • My work. Without a doubt. 

I be back with much awesomeness, companèros.
Tired, and ever sleepy,

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