Friday, 26 April 2013

Face It

No matter how expensive make-up you might use, and however expensive a camera might click your face, it's not going to change the fact that beneath all that cake is a woman who could never be anybody's, who could never become what he wanted her to, what people wanted her to.

Stop pitying yourself. You're not the only one falling sick and staying up to work your designs. Go gulp a fucking medicine, eat, and get back to work. Smoke's only going to kill you, not give you peace. Hard truth much? 

For the complete insecure bitch that you're inside, nobody's going to love you from the outside. Nobody hangs around for a damaged good, or even wait for it to be fixed. Learn to be your own person. 

YOU are selfish. Pathetically selfish. All you want is love from people without giving it a thought what you're giving in return to them. You only screw relationships, let alone somebody else. 

People change. Face it. You haven't been the same either.

Stop bothering yourself with peoples' problems. If they don't listen to the right thing, might as well they rot in hell. 

You have a long way to go before you become the best at what you do. Five years down the line, you'll otherwise be jobless, and broken. Oh, please, you're still broken, freaking glass doll. 

Fuck the shit out of your work. Stay up all night. Do every fucking thing. And just go fuck the rest of the world. 


  1. that or you could maybe switch to some music, calmly do all the work and probably not indulge in such self malaise. and while you are at it, spend a good five minutes, make a maggi, dancing around or keep some biscuits for you to munch on so deep into the night.

    every way, one does not have to press the self reject button every time you are angry.

  2. Pissshh!! Relax. Breathe. You shall be fine.

    Also, I awarded you a long time ago but couldn't really get around to telling you cause of technical problem and then it sort of slipped my mind. Sorry :(
    But here I am now! SO congratulations. Don't sulk love!

    check it out here

    1. I'm sure.
      Thank you SO much! This completely made my day.


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